Donnerstag, September 29

10:06 AM Lovebirds! It's October soon...Halloween is around the corner and the first Christmas candies are being sold. After a month of break, I am finally back with a new challenge! I loved my last challenges and I have to say that I felt pretty awesome the last months - still, one thing was missing! I guess I mentioned that in many of my reviews, there were moments during my challenges were my body and mind weren't getting along with each other. I was exhausted and my brain gave me a hard time when it came to motivation or dealing with soreness. 

Now that I am back in New York, I started to go back to meditation. It's so funny that I always practice mindfulness in the city which never sleeps. As soon as I leave the US, I forget about this routine and I fall back into old clusters. I think NY always impresses me so much, that I realize my need to slow down and enjoy every moment, every second. 
Start the day by saying hi to the morning birds celebrating a new day and go to bed while you appreciate the opportunities and beautiful moments which came along. I knew a big part of my next challenge will be meditation - why not! It's about time to not only train my body, but also teach my mind! 
I want us to succeed 200% and this month's performance will be good for your whole being! Maybe you don't believe in the power of meditation, but get ready, after 4 weeks you will slay and you will feel so damn good! So let's do NAMASLAY together ~ 

Yes, I'm serious with this challenge's name. Perform hard, meditate harder and watch your body smile from the inside out! 

What do you need to do? First of all, if you haven't so far, download a meditation app: OMG. I can meditate, headspace or stop, breathe, think are good apps to start with. 

The rest is even easier: every week looks like this: 
Monday: 10 minutes meditation
Tuesday: 20 minutes meditation
Wednesday: 20 minutes meditation
Thursday: 30 minutes meditation
Friday: 20 minutes meditation
Saturday: 20 minutes meditation 
Sunday: 10 minutes meditation 

Now, where's the rest? Each day you will workout for at least 60 minutes! You can get inspired by earlier challenges and what I did, or you put things together which fit to your lifestyle the most. Each day doesn't have to be the same - it's all up to you: run, bike, hike, swim, play basketball - just be active! After you did your hour of active movement, don't forget to check the schedule about your daily meditation duration! You are also free to meditate whenever you want: early in the mornings, after your workouts, or when you go to bed! There's always enough time to sit down and let the mind float. 

Are you down with me? Let's wake up and shake up our bodies with "Namaslay". Perform in the right way and don't exclude your mind! If there's one thing I have learned, it's that both go hand in hand! 
What do you think about October's challenge? Are you ready for it? Also please share your experiences or history when it comes to meditation. I am curious to hear it all! 
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