Freitag, September 9

10:01 PM Okay, it feels like this week I am only talking about beauty things, haha. In my post about Asian beauty secrets, I told you about my trip to the drug store where I was looking for some new beauty things. On my way out, I tried a couple of fragrances, since my current favorite is running out. 

While I am actually a fan of musk scents, like really deep and not too girly scents, I am now using a more feminine scent which is so perfect to wear during summer time. I don't know if you know this one, but you definitely need to try Jil Sander's "Evergreen". I never checked what's the exact ingredient, but the smell is so lovely that I never cared about it, haha. Now that I am presenting it to you guys, I read this for the first time: crispy, juicy notes of pear, followed by jasmine and sensual sandalwood! Ah, okay... There's my sandalwood! It's pretty funny to read that this fragrance is based on pear which I actually hate so much, haha. But lovebirds, this smell is just fantastic! Not too much flower and headache scent, but the perfect balance for a cool summer day! 

While, I am using my last bits of "Evergreen", I am already thinking of my next scent. Any ideas? What is your current favorite? Please share - I need inspirations! ~ Happy weekend! 
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