Sonntag, September 11

8:12 PM It's about time to focus on more than fashion and everything superficial. There is one subject which has always interested me and now I finally sat down to think about it more or at least understand the essential. I am talking about ocean plastic! Let me speak for the majority of us first: no one really cares about that! As soon as our used plastic lands in our bin or trash can, it's not our problem anymore. But who's problem is it then? 

I have to admit that I am one of these people...I don't know anything about trash and its way from the beginning to the end. I know I buy my plastic, I use it, throw it away or recycle it - that's it. At my job, I heard more and more people talking about "saving our lovely Mother Nature" by not picking any additional bags, receipts, or extra packaging. At the supermarkets, plastic bags are starting to be banned - you have to pay extra. Many other supermarkets start to only offer recycled paper bags, which reduce the usage of the plastic bags for at least a little bit. I knew it was about time for me to find out more about this issue! 

So what did I do? I sat down with my laptop and I checked a couple of YouTube videos of course. I also remembered an interview where Pharrell Williams was talking about Bionic Yarn, a company which uses recycled plastic to create new yarn. I researched again and I was reading almost everything about Pharrell's fashion steps towards sustainable clothing as he's the face of G-Star Raw's latest fashion campaigns. G-Star is exclusively working with the New York based company Bionic Yarn. After creating the so called "Raw for the oceans" collections, G-Star is working now on more sustainable collections and procedures to produce their clothes. 
I think it's great that a company who is obviously using a lot of environmental resources, such as water, thinks ahead and creates something which can make our future better! 

The next thing I remembered was me browsing through a website which amazed me first of all because of their layout! I found out about an organization which is called Parley

Yes, you were reading about Parley this week already when I posted the latest "Sneaker Thursday".

*adidas' collaboration with Parley 

Parley is an organization or environmental initiative which focuses on our oceans and their massive pollution! I think through Parley, I really understood how important our oceans are! Plastic has become too important in our daily lives, but we totally forget about life which is around us! We are many people on this planet, but to finish the whole circle, we also have to think about the animals and nature out there! We all live in a symbiosis and a selfish mindset can destroy a lot! We already destroyed a lot of nature with our behavior and technologies, but no one thinks about the consequences which get worse day by day.

                  "IF THE OCEANS DIE, WE DIE."

This statement might be harsh for people out there, but it's the truth. It's time now to wake up and I believe since people spend so much time online, the internet should be more active when it comes to this topic! There are already a lot of things going on, but helping hands, creative minds and many supporters are always welcome! That's why I want to reach out to you. I write a lot on this site and I sometimes care about weird things, but this is something which really needs to be spread around the globe. 

If you have no idea about this subject, please do not ignore those words here! Read them and I try to keep it simple for all of us! Maybe you will feel inspired after reading this and maybe change our personal attitude towards plastic and its usage.

Just imagine. One half of the plastic we use gets thrown away after using it only once. This could be a water bottle or a simple bag from the supermarket - we know that there are so many other ways to handle it. There are 100.000 marine creatures which die every year from plastic entanglement. In addition to that, 1 million sea birds are affected as well, such as 2/3 of the world's fish stocks, which suffer from plastic ingestion. That's unbelievable and horrible. 

What do I actually want with this post?
Well, I said it in the title: education first. I want to open your eyes and show you an important issue which we shouldn't ignore! It's up to us to help and end this issue! We need to stop ignoring subjects like this and wait until someone else has the best solution to win and succeed. The time is running and I believe together we will get there step by step. So I will definitely keep you updated on Off Color and I want to research and learn more about it! Maybe you will join me...

Let's discuss! How do you approach to this subject? Are you using a lot of plastic? Did you read a lot about ocean plastic and our marine pollution? Share your thoughts and thanks for reading this ~ K 
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