Dienstag, September 6

8:57 PM I caught myself again walking through a grocery store, where I checked for the latest make-up and beauty things. (Yeah, once in a while, I act like a girl...). I remembered my colleague telling me that I should try out a special facial cream, so I checked about the best plus most affordable one. At the grocery store I was a bit confused and I actually forgot what I was looking for, haha. I walked down the first ail, I finished the second one and then I was tired of looking at the prizes plus the masses of products. I went outside and I had to think of a conversation I had with an Asian girl. 

At my job, I work with many Asian people and since I am a fan of the far Eastern world, I always love to ask about traditional or general things. I don't know how we started but she explained to me how important it is to drink hot water throughout the day. She basically sold me this as an Asian beauty secret and so I was curious to get to know more. What can we do to really look good and feel good without spending too much cash for beauty products which don't help at all? The answer is too easy, lovebirds! 

That's what my Asian beauty expert told me: 

1. I already said it: DRINK HOT WATER! I was confused about that and I wondered why she didn't enjoy her water with some I know that many Asians only drink hot water during the day. It doesn't matter what water is the best answer when you get asked if you wanted to drink something! It helps keep organs hydrated and functioning optimally, it controls appetite while simultaneously protecting organ functions, plus it also promotes smooth flow of blood circulation. A good side effect is that you will have great skin if you stick to this habit - it can't be easier! 
2. SLEEP ENOUGH. Going to bed early is a must - your body deserves it! Don't ignore your body's signals! Once you feel tired, feel free to continue with your things a day later - rather get some sleep! If you feel tired at work, make sure to take a little power nap! Relaxing and being one with the body is really important! We can't work when our body isn't working! True fact. 
3. EAT IN THE RIGHT SEQUENCES THROUGHOUT THE DAY. Don't go crazy and eat here two bowls of this and there three other bowls of something else and in between nothing! Structure your day and if you notice you can't eat your lunch at 12, plan in a little snack. Take a lot of fruits or nuts with you and balance your eating routine throughout the day! This won't make you feel too heavy or bloated. Your body will work and digest the whole day and since we love a continuous movement, your body will be happy as well! It also helps to not have too many cravings and it avoids eating stuff that may affect your skin! Makes sense...
4. EAT THE RIGHT STUFF THROUGHOUT THE DAY! When you are done with structuring your eating routine, make sure to not only eat carbs which make you tired! Plus eating too much sugar isn't good for your skin. Once you started being more healthy or you include more veggies and fruits to your daily food consume, you notice how much your body will appreciate it! Since I am off dairy and I drink more water, my skin looks so much better and I always feel fresh! Start little and add baby steps to your nutrition. Try out things or find a more creative way in the kitchen! Don't forget to use spices which will help your body to digest and work better!
5. KEEP MOVING AND DON'T FORGET TO SMILE! My Asian friend is never in a bad mood. NEVER! Her attitude is super positive and she's always on the run. She never sits down and complains...she rather moves around and laughs for no reason! While I thought there has to be a situation where she is pissed and moody, I realized that my attitude is just not acceptable! Why do we always have to complain? We should forget about negative vibes and take things just how they are. It's raining today - so what? Why don't we laugh about it? Tomorrow the sun will shine again! My favorite statement is "laughing is for free"...I always remember this while sitting in the train, looking at all those empty and frustrated faces. Laughing is the best beauty advice! Here, endorphins make us feel happier and less stressed. Laughing expands the lungs, stretches the muscles in the body and stimulates homeostasis. While the release of endorphins is increased, the stress hormone cortisol is reduced and we have more happy moments! 

Hold up...this sounds too easy - why is that typical Asian?! I know, I know...maybe we tend to forget about those simple steps during our daily lives. Today, we ignore the essential stuff and we make life harder than it is! Don't are not working anti your body. Your body needs you to live in its fullest potential possible. The body tells you what it needs and you know how to help and support! This teamwork makes you succeed so much more and the results help you to feel and look better! Don't you think?

While I was an idiot looking for the best beauty products out there, I was happy to understand that the best beauty things don't cost a cent! It's the knowledge but also our own power to change our lifestyle into a better one! Things will adjust slowly and your body will be the happiest ever! 

Thanks to my Asian girl ~ I need more tips! 
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