Montag, September 5

10:08 PM Many sweat sessions after, I finally want to share my thoughts about my last challenges. A lot was going on and let me tell you this, my body is the happiest right now! In July, I wanted to be perfectly ready for summer, so I did  a #getting stronger challenge. 31 days of sweat - 4 weeks and some days of pure dedication to different body parts. Legs, arms, abs and don't forget about the booty! This challenge was hard, but once the first week was over, time was running too fast!

*maybe you remember this.

I didn't want to pause during summer. I love being lazy, but I want my body to keep on moving! That's why I continued with my #hellosummer challenge. A challenge where I introduced a couple of new things and of course I was pushing my body beyond its limits. I always try to motivate you with tweets where I talk about my mood and experiences, but also ideas about the best performance or workouts. I know how hard it is to find the perfect exercises and I hate reading about challenges where you don't really get to see anything! So last month, I did a little review for you each Sunday. How am I feeling, how is it going, etc. I care about your wishes and I know that there are many people out there who want to know more and that's why I also love writing posts like these. Just because the challenge is over, doesn't mean that I am all quiet about it! I want to share my experience, my ups and downs and whatever happened to me and my body the last weeks. 

There are many people out there who don't understand why I'm doing this, but once you did a challenge yourself, you want your body to enjoy those moments more and more.

Working out, exercising or being active is not a pain in the ass - it's the opposite and it can bring so much joy into your life. 

Now let's do the famous q&a.
  • What did I do each month? Well, during my July challenge, I basically shared my workout plan with you! Each week I focused on one particular muscle group or area and then I tried to improve my power, but also balance. During my August challenge, I focused on using the Nike + Training Club app, since this app is saving me and my life for years now: the best exercises and so much inspiration! It's my favorite app, so I had to dedicate this challenge to this app! I also went running during August, so I mixed my routines a little bit. In the beginning, I started low-key, but at the end I try to do as much as I can and I was thirsty for more. 
  • How did I come up with these challenges? It's always the same reason. I am not bored, I just try to understand my body more. Its needs and so much more. I said it in the beginning, I don't want to take a break during summer - this isn't good for the body! I want to feel good and I want to feel healthy throughout the year. Challenges are fun and it's easy to make one up. Why not creating something fun like this, which is so easy to practice by oneself? 
  • Am I tired of doing challenges? NEVER! 
  • Which one was better? I would say the August challenge #hellosummer! I loved the fact being spontaneous and mixing up my routines. With #gettingstronger, I knew about my schedule and I knew what I had to do and especially when I had to do it. #hellosummer surprised me every day. I chose any kind of workout on my app and I didn't really know about the features of the exercise which motivated me even more (somehow?!). Also I loved adding my running routine to it, so I sat on the floor and I stretched for days after a nice run or jog out, which was just perfect to me! 
  • What was the highlight? I know it bores some of you. Or maybe you think this is stupid. I am personally proud of my running efforts. Friends asked me how I felt after my first challenge in July. I answered that I really felt a bit stronger...not like Hulk, but I knew about my power! I felt a lot of energy and my body was in such a great spirit. But with my second challenge , afterwards, I could witness how those efforts, sweats and tears melt together and created a better running style for me. Less pain, less worries...I just felt so good!  
  • How does the body react? I would say my body is happy. I am happy and my system is smiling, too. I feel less tired, I feel strong, I feel in shape! And I feel ready to conquer the world! 
  • Would I do it again? I think I will surely do another Nike challenge soon! I also think about a new yoga challenge, but maybe I will create something which no one expects. What do you think?
  • Which was my favorite exercise?  I think while #gettingstronger, I loved the week where I focused on my abs the most! Plank hip dips, spiderman plank, leaning camel,..! I actually enjoyed all of those routines, because they made my body sweat in the right way! After two weeks of #hellosummer, I fell in love with barre strength! I am not totally in love with the 45 minute workouts, because they have to be planned in my busy day. But barre strength was such a smooth and quick routine which kicked my ass to the fullest! In addition to that, I believe that the tabata toned workout will be my all-time favorite! It consists of easy moves and you will definitely do many squats which is very important in my workout schedule! Squats change everything ~
  • Do I need any equipment? Nope! With #gettingstronger, I tried to mix my favorite exercises with activities that don't ask for a lot of equipment! It's important to me to work out with my own body weight, because I believe our body is the best equipment! With #hellosummer, it's up to you! The app has different workouts which sometimes asks for a medicine ball or other things. You can choose! 
  • How do I stay motivated? Being hungry helps me a lot. I always want more! I have a clear vision and I know what I am capable of...so I just do it and stick to my ideas and dreams! Sometimes I loose my focus, but I definitely know where I am going! 
  • Any tips? I know...after each challenge I talk about pink clouds and how awesome everything is. But with my last challenge you could also see that I struggle at times, too! There are ups and downs coming... During your workout routine there might be a lot of stress going on - the tricky thing is to ignore that and keep on focusing! Are there times where I want to give up? Of course. But then again I get angry, because I am dedicating so much time and I want my work to be paid off! It's too easy to give up! Sometimes I get mad after one week of hard workouts and clean eating and I don't see a result. I learned that I only reach my goal through patience! I need to focus more and I need time to pass a little bit. Champions aren't born tomorrow...we all get there step by step! After 4 weeks, you will be more than proud of yourself! Just tell yourself at the end "Wow, I did this...","remember when you wanted to give up? I didn't give up!". Boost your confidence, lovebirds! ~ 

How was your challenge? Did you participate? Was there something which bothered you? Please leave your feedback so I can create better challenges for all of us! Lovebirds, I am so happy to always share active things with you! 
To all of you who joined me....YOU ARE THE BEST! I want to hear YOUR STORIES! I can't wait to sweat more with you soon! ~ K 

* Thank you NTC! ~ 
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