Dienstag, August 16

7:59 PM One thing which I have learned as an athlete, runner or just passionate sports lover, is knowing about consistency. It is one important catalyst which shouldn't be underestimated! When I started running, I ran on a high level for a week, paused another one...did another short run and then I started to blame the weather! "There's no chance to run today","headache, coldness, bla bla" - I had all kind of excuses! The funny thing is that I never noticed my behavior! Today, I can look back and tell you how important it is to keep on pushing yourself - no matter what! 
I was almost there, until I realized while I am okay with fall and winter running, I do not like running during summer! "I sweat already too much and this is the time to relax..." my brain is just too good to find excuses! This year I told myself to kick ass and ignore my summer panic! 
Last week it was hot and my body was screaming for a run! I needed it! Weird that my body was begging me to run while it's hot outside, but I wanted to wear shorts and sweat as much as I can! I repeated this 5 days and each day got better! I told my mum I am so happy I could cry! What was happening? I had a little success: not only my pace was getting better, I was literally feeling myself becoming faster and more self confident during this massive heat waves! 
Damn, I didn't imagine it to be like this! Sometimes your brain thinks to know you best, but with your performance you can proof the opposite! The body is capable of so many things - why don't you trust it a little bit and hear what your muscles and senses say? Lovebirds, I know it's vacation time and all we want to do is lay around...but now after telling you my past state of mind (I bet you see yourself here as well) think twice. Don't procrastinate and skip this season! You don't have to go crazy, but try to do something every day! Walk to your next grocery store, bike to the city...Also in your vacation: don't be lazy! Go swimming, go on a hike, just walk! Your body likes a certain routine so keep doing your activities and don't take a summer break! At the end you will struggle to find your old rhythm and you have to start over again! Do you agree? Share your thoughts ~
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