Freitag, August 5

7:05 AM I was always intrigued by anything Brazilian! A couple of years ago, I told myself to visit Brazil during the Olympic sister went to Beijing in 2008 and so I wanted to be a part of something like that as well. Now it's 2016, the Olympics are beginning today/yesterday and I will have to watch a lot of TV since I didn't make it there. Yeah, it would be nice to be in Brazil right now, but we can always have a great time as well cheering from across the world!
I just love the Olympic Games - seeing all kind of sports and athletes who are so dedicated and talented! That's why I also wanted to get you into the best Olympic fever with a little weekend inspiration! From exotic walnut oil to a delicious coconut balm, imagine to take off those slippers and feel the sand between your toes...let's dream ourselves to Rio ~ I hope you have a super relaxed weekend and make sure to enjoy the Olympics ~ Do you watch the games? What is your favorite? 

1  sweat band POLO / 2 trivet H&M HOME / 3 cap 10DEEP / 4 walnut sun oil KORRES / 5 adilette ADIDAS / 6 coconut balm GLOSSIER / 7 USA tank top VICTORIA'S SECRET / 8 sneakers VANS 
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