MY SUMMER FLING PART II | dedication to a special person

Donnerstag, August 11

7:00 PM I am so happy to write this post today. It's not a secret that I'm a sneaker freak, but when it comes to this release, I get a little bit emotional! A few weeks ago, I showed you my summer sneaker fling, my red Stan Smith, but now I have to admit that something else hit me as well. I was hoping to get a pair in my size, since I knew that this release will be sold out very quick!

You might recognize the box - maybe you don't know what I'm talking about. Caroll, aka Careaux, finally released her first collection with Puma. The Dutch illustrator is such an important person in my life and that's why I was almost crying when I read the news! Careaux is a big part of Off Color, since I featured her many times and I always loved to show her my support! Her dedication flowers, the pureness in her designs and her creative visions always inspired me to work as hard as she does. She's such a busy owl and it seems like she never sleeps - I admire her hustle so much! No matter what, she always had time for me to help me out and I thank her so much for that! Buying a pair of her shoes isn't even enough appreciation... I love this girl so much and I am so happy of what she does to this so boring and fake sneaker scene (especially when it comes to females...). Careaux, you did such a great job and I am more than happy for you! This goes beyond and I am so happy to know you! Keep on inspiring all of us! The world is yours, pink cookie! 

What's in the box? I will show you soon! If you want to check out her whole collection, make sure to check out these links: 1, 2  ~ Happy weekend! x K 
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