Mittwoch, August 10

8:59 PM I love researching about health benefits of many different fruits, veggies, or other things. After a certain time, I have to admit that I feel that certain ingredients have a huge impact on me and my body. I do not only feel healthier, but also I can see my skin looking better and my daily rhythm is in the perfect grove. Do I have to do crazy things to feel this way? No. I just eat certain things which also taste amazing and then I am one step closer to satisfying my whole being. Did you know that there's certain food which is helping you and your body? Let's find out more about it! 

1. Cherries. Just check out my picture above! During summer, I love buying a box of cherries and eat them on the run or at work. They taste so good and they do so much for your body. My favorite time to eat cherries is actually in the evening, since they help falling asleep faster which also leads to having a better sleep. The day is starting perfectly when you are relaxed and you had a good sleep, right?
2. Dark chocolate. Yes, there is no reason to say no to dark chocolate! This little friend does not only taste like heaven, but it also improves the smoothness of your skin! So if your skin happens to be not smooth enough - eat more chocolate! 
3. Berries. No matter what kind of berry you like - get yourself a little bit of everything! It's not expensive and you can always mix your favorites together - it has the same impact. Berries will improve wrinkles and your skin's texture, because of their antioxidants. Your skin will thank you a lot!
4. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds. This vitamin E buddy is a great snack and so great to eat with many different dishes! The seeds will improve your immune system and they reduce inflammation
5. Eggs. Not my favorite, but the reason why so many people eat them for breakfast or lunch is their effects on nails or hair. Eggs got the power to strengthen your hair and they also will make your nails harder so they won't break! You know what that means - include more eggs in your daily life!
6. Pumpkin and squash. Fall is coming and I am so in the mood to eat pumpkins in any way possible. Right now, I am realizing that pumpkins are THE secret beauty supporter and I love their benefits! With this vegetable you will get healthy skin and it also helps with your cell growth! 
7. Pomegranate. So good on a salad, but also a great fresh snack. Did you know that you don't need any make-up? Pomegranate helps you with your blood flow which also creates a rosy glow in your face! Thank you, Mother Nature!
8. Avocado. Oh yeah, here you will get the whole package: vitamin A, C, E, and also fats. This will make your skin super soft and moisturized! You don't like the taste of avocados? No problem, put them on your face as a mask! This green helper is so good for your whole body and you don't even have to eat it, so no excuses! 
9. Coconut. Here is another vitamin E friend. Is there anyone who doesn't like coconuts? This is such a great snack, dessert or treat after your workout. Your skin will be super happy and there are plenty of reasons: moisturizing, protecting from the sun and also keeping it young! That's all we want, right? 

After writing this, I feel super hungry and I will eat a couple of cherries when I got to bed, haha. Sometimes it's just great to know ALL the information about the things we are eating! If you like them already, eat more of it and help your body in a natural way! No one needs all of those super expensive beauty products...they won't help as much as Mother Nature does - believe me! ~
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