Sonntag, August 28

5:44 PM Week FOUR! Oh yeah, lovebirds! We almost made it! YOU ALMOST MADE IT! Last week, I "complained" about my busy work schedule and how exhausted I was - still, I was pushing and I didn't give up! What was up this week? Oh lord, I don't even want to start! The heat wave came back to Germany and today I am really asking myself how I was able to survive! This week was nasty and unhealthy! I told myself to do as much as I can, but without a strict food or dinner schedule, my body is not really able to perform right. I guess this makes sense...No appetite and burning tons of calories sounds sexy to some of you, but this should not be done! PLEASE DO NOT COPY! Force yourself to eat! 
I had at least two days where I only ate fruits, because I was throwing up when I thought about a hot meal. On this last hot summer Sunday, I am reflecting, and there's a lot coming to my mind. I hate being the motivator for you and being the worst example at the same time. One thing which has always meant a lot to me is honesty - I share all my experiences and results in the most honest way I can. 

That's why I want you to know that I had a bad week this week, but this happens to all of us! :)

We have so many goals and dreams and sometimes the circumstances don't allow us to perform the way we want to. I feel bad what I made my body go through this week and I am so happy when the heat will be gone and I can go back to a normal and healthy routine! Nevertheless, I am still excited about the results I can see when I look in the mirror. All in all I feel good! 

So what did I do this week? 

I wonder how your routines are going? Still motivated? No, running again this week - how about you? Share your workouts and please share your feelings! How do you handle tropical weather? I need to learn more about this for sure! ~

I will also share another review soon! Don't forget about the challenge happening before the summer challenge: #31daysstronger! I thought it might be better for you to read one post where I shortly talk about both challenges! Also you are free to add comments and new ideas for the future!  ~

*Duhhh, August isn't over yet?! The challenge ends now or what? Yes, I said 4 weeks of sweating! But it's up to you...I will surely use the last days of August to stretch a bit more and maybe I will focus on some runs again (depending on our desert climate). Be creative, lovebirds!

Thank you to everyone who participated! ~ x K 
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