9:51 PM Halftime. What can I say? This week was so sexy! Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to tweet about all my feelings and experiences, but I knew I can share my highlights with you later here on this site. First of all: how do you feel? Did you have fun this week? I am really looking forward to hear about your perspective - inspire me and let's discuss! I'm always ready!
Since I had a mini vacation this week, I was able to go outside and run every morning! While my last runs were pretty okay, I wasn't expecting much...but today, I noticed how well my body is working and especially balancing the muscle work I'm doing right now. While typing these words, I try not to be too hyped, but my body feels so damn good right now! No pain, no injuries...and I can feel my new muscles helping me out! I wake up early in the morning and I feel fit as hell - I wish this could last forever! The Olympics also inspire me a lot right now, haha, I just love watching passionate athletes working for their dreams!

So what did I do this week? 

My goal last week was to go harder. I wanted to do long workouts and I wanted to sweat beyond my limits. Now that I focused on my running routine a lot, I started this week with low-key exercises again, which were helping me more than I thought. Sometimes, 15 minutes sounds like nothing! But the next morning, when you feel your legs burn, you know that you did something right! At the end of the week, I was going a bit harder and I have to say that I will end this week with the biggest smile on my face. My motivation is super high and I can't wait to start my day tomorrow on my bike! Stretch, run, and focus on some muscle groups to define a little bit. How about you? Don't forget to drink a lot during this warm week! I know many of you are working out outside...this next week's motto will be "defence", matching my smoothie! 

How's your body doing? Are you having fun during this challenge?
Tell me about your highlights! ~ K