Samstag, August 6

8:37 AM The hot season is here, a time which makes us super excited and to be honest, we have all been waiting to sweat again! There are so many things to do during summer which you can not do in fall or winter, for example. I always look forward to spend more time outside to hike or run, swimming too, but running has always been my number one. I actually enjoy running in the cold season, but sometimes it's hard to run during monsoon days or snow storms...that's why I love the hot asphalt and good smelling nature right now.

Still, there is one problem which I have to face year to year: how do I cope with the heat? My dad recently told me that I was born on a super crazy snow storm day - that's why I love winter, snow and coldness so much. As soon as the temperature hits the 90's, I just want to cool myself down and hide in the coldest corner at home. Is the heat an excuse to eat more ice cream and milkshakes? Maybe. Oh well, I have to cut that right know, dairy. So what the hell am I supposed to do when it's hot, my body freaks out, but I want to stick to my outside sport routine? At the end of the day, we want to enjoy our workout, right? So this is what I am doing:

1. Go outside while the sun is rising. Yes, that's something for the early birds...but I recommend this to all of you. Don't procrastinate your session and wait! As soon as the sun is the highest, you will get a 100% of heat which can be good or bad for your body - mine would go crazy! I rather run around 6 or 7, where I can also hide under a couple of shadow spots. Plan B would be to workout in the evening. It's still warm outside, but sometimes you are lucky and it cools down for which your body will thank you a lot! I know it's hard to stick to a strong routine while you have to struggle with the temperature and other influences. If your body can't take it, stay inside! Listen to your body and don't risk any issues or injuries! 
2. Drink more! More! And more. The reason why we are so lazy and tired during the hot temperatures is dehydration! Our body is constantly moving, sweating, and balancing our bodies' own temperature. Help it with liquids! Drink to stay fit! It also helps you to conquer migraine or other issues which may appear! 
3. The right clothing is also super important. Again...I am tempting you to get new things for your workout! It's sale season, so I can push you all to invest in some cool pieces! Just like in winter season, it's important to not wear too much! I just explained it, your body heat needs material which is ready to bear it all! Wear shorts and a shirt which is light and allows you breathe - it's summer time, time to show some skin. 
4. Before you hit the streets, make sure to take a cold shower! This doesn't only wake you up, but it also cools your body temperature down so you start to sweat later. 
5. Make sure to eat many vitamins and minerals - fuel your body! Since your body sweats a lot, it loses many electrolytes and that's why you should help your body with a lot of veggies and fruits. (There is a lot of summer food which is so good for you, don't ignore it. Read my last health benefit about watermelons. Those kind of fruits make your summer so much easier!)
6. A thing which I always ignored or never cared about is sun blocker! This is also a thing you need for your workout and it is definitely a must. Now it get's a bit tricky. Don't use any kind of blocker! Use a bit lighter one (talking about texture), because your body needs to breathe and a thick lotion puts a second skin on your skin and this doesn't help to transport your sweat! Take care of your skin and don't tease your body too much! 

All in all, make sure to don't go too hard! Try to perform not 100%, rather start with 50% and add a bit later! Fact is, the human body can not perform in its best condition after 30°C (especially our body which isn't used to desert heat). So don't put pressure on yourself and take it easy! Take care of your body, skin and everything which suffers or struggles with the heat. Now we know that we can work out throughout the year - we just need to know about the proper way!

I hope you enjoy these hot weeks! Don't sweat too much! Happy summer ~ 
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