Freitag, August 12

4:28 PM Right now I'm watching the Olympics and I am enjoying a great cup of coffee. Somehow, the last two days feel like fall and I only want to jump inside my bed and sleep until forever. I just remembered that it's time to share part two of my coffee story. Yes, since I am a coffee addict, I wanted to share some special coffee recipes throughout summer! Recently, I shared a dairy free Vietnamese coffee and today it's time to present the next idea. 

Who else is super lazy in the morning? My breakfast routine is always a quick one, so I never have enough time to prepare my coffee (I am drinking espresso with rice milk). The other day, I wanted to enjoy an iced coffee, but I realized I did not have any ice cubes in my fridge...It's time to prepare myself. I decided to make two cups of espresso mixed with milk and freeze them in a normal ice cube tray. That's it. Now my summer mornings look like this: I open the fridge, pour some milk in my cup and add an espresso ice cube. That's doesn't even take a minute...and the best thing about it is the fact that the melting espresso cube won't make the whole beverage watery. OH LORD! This is too easy and too good to be true! You have to see it for yourself! Trust me...this will make your morning routine so much easier ~ 


YOU NEED some milk + 2 cups of espresso 

1. We only need one step for this recipe: prepare your espresso and take out an ice cube tray. Pour in the espresso and mix in some milk. It's up to you if you want dark black ice cubes (without milk) or you add a little milk to get a cool look plus a much milder coffee. 
2. Freeze the cubes and take one out whenever you need one ~

Happy iced coffee season, lovebirds ~ 

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