Sonntag, August 28

4:56 PM How can you discuss a cookbook? I can do anything, lovebirds, haha. A few weeks ago, I told you about my second book choice for the book club! Sometimes, all I need and want is reading a cookbook and get to know new stuff. This might sound weird, but since my day is all about food, I guess reading cookbooks is essential and also I realized how much it calmed me down. In addition to that, I am getting older, I develop a taste of different things and currently I am trying to figure out how to stay healthy with dairy issues and without saying bye to the "really good things in life". I hate being labeled to be on a diet, just because I eat a lot of salad and veggies - there's a huge difference, guys! To cut a long story short: I told myself to also share my recipe research with you, because I know there are people out there who struggle like I do! So once in a while, this book club will deal with a cookbook! Alright? Alright. 

To begin with...I thought about Chrissy Teigen's "Cravings".
I don't know much about Chrissy, I would rather say my sister is a bigger fan! Through a funny circumstance, my sister got two copies of her cookbook and that's how I basically got my hands on it! Was I curious about this book? I don't know! Before I started checking out the book, I went through her social media to see what kind of things I could expect! When I think of cravings...I think about dirty stuff. Things which make me feel good and bad at the same time! I'm talking about everything which deals with chocolate, cheese, bread or carbs in general! No salad and no veggies (or at least a bit of tomato sauce on your pizza haha).

So there I was. I opened the book and what I always do first is touching it in the weirdest way possible! It somehow makes me happier when the book has a great cover, smooth pages and most importantly great fonts and design! Yes, here you see my perfectionism and my magazine eyes speaking! When I was doing the Off Color magazine, I spent days thinking about that stuff! Nevertheless, Chrissy Teigen's team gets a high five for that! 
After looking through all the recipes, my first thoughts were: hmm, okay, interesting!

You basically get to see the Chrissy Teigen, you see on IG. Being all in love with her husband, John Legend, and being a nice mom to her dogs. 

Oh and besides of that she is cooking and eating a lot! To come to the point, I believe my favorite chapter is the Thai mom one! Her mom is Thai and she shares great and traditional things which seems so easy to recreate by oneself! I am not sure if I will try the other things she shares since not everything seemed like a recipe I am craving for. I guess this is a type thing and I bet there are many out there who would try all of the recipes!

What I do miss, are recipes that make me feel guilty! Hot wings or baked oatmeal is not really something I eat and feel bad afterwards! I would love to know what kind of cake she would bake...what kind of dessert would a model eat? How about some grilled cheese or a pizza?!

The book is a mix of healthy and "yeah, today I can eat that" mentality. That's okay and actually fine! But then I would rename the book! 

That's my only negative point. I am really surprised about her debut work and I am sure she will be back with something great soon! Maybe some more Thai secrets...or maybe more desserts. I am patient and I look forward!

Have you read Chrissy's "Cravings". Please share your thoughts if you did so! Do you have any favorite cookbooks right now? I can't wait to hear from you! Happy weekend, lovebirds! ~

If you haven't read it yet, make sure to get yourself a copy right here.
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