Dienstag, Juli 19

I never wanted to be one of the people who goes to cafés, supermarkets or other places, being super picky and asking for only soy or lactose free things. A couple of month, this scenario entered my life...

8:43 PM I have been active for a while now and I do not follow a strict diet, but I eat quiet well and controlled. There were days, where I was totally frustrated with my body and how tired I felt, although I was eating healthy like a pro. While my whole body transformed, my belly for example was always bloated and I started to have aches after I eat cereals. In addition to that, my skin looked bad sometimes, but I thought it's due to being a women with all the hormones and mood changes during the month. I started to read about it and somehow I couldn't get one step further - I began to accept this situation..."It will all work out...".

My sister stopped drinking milk a while back and she only drinks soy or rice milk and I never understood why she's doing that (she's not lactose intolerant). One day, I tried her milk and I was disgusted! I LOVE MILK! Fat or non fat - I don't care - give me milk!!! I said to myself how happy or lucky I am to be enjoying the dairy life! It is said that 40% of adults maintain the ability to digest lactose after childhood - maybe I am one of those? I was pretty confident and I continued eating my cinnamon toast crunch cereals. 

I read a couple of interviews with stars talking about their diets...all of them cut dairy out of their lives - seriously? The next morning I woke up, I was sick of being bloated, my skin was freaking me out and I told myself to challenge myself again: dear self, let's cut the dairy and start all over! 

Oh lord, what am I doing? Saying good-bye to dairy means basically bye bye life. My head was already making a scene: you idiot, no more pizza? No cereals? No yogurt in the morning? What will you eat for breakfast? Oh my god, coffee? How?! MILKSHAKES!!!! Okay, I tried to slow down. This dairy free life is a true challenge, but hey, so many other people succeed here, so can I! 

I had another conversation with my sister and she introduced me to the benefits of rice and coconut milk (I just didn't want to touch anything soy based). My first dairy free shopping list only consisted of Provamel's rice milk with chocolate and coconut. I needed to understand and accept the flavor of it step by step and that's why I started with flavored milk! I have to say that I LOVE this milk so much! It's exotic and so rich in flavor - you have to try it! I continued checking for yogurt alternatives and I bought a couple of products, too, but I have to admit that until today, it's hard for me to eat a dairy free yogurt! Since I don't eat cereals every day, I decided to really focus on milk first, because I used to drink milk A LOT! 
After a couple of weeks, I said good-bye to my flavored milk and I started buying simple rice milk. I studied more and more diverse products and companies which produce them, so I decided to stick with Alpro's rice milk, since it's cheaper and its pure flavor is very intriguing to me. I drank my coffee, I mixed smoothies, I ate cereals and I didn't really miss my milk. 

At home, it wasn't really that hard for me to experiment and adapt to this new lifestyle, but the struggle was real, when I started to eat during work somewhere in the city. When I am meeting someone, I try to go somewhere, where I know about their meal and variety. Do they have an alternative for me? Or do I have to drink water?...haha. No, but seriously, a thing which really annoys me is the fact that people who want to enjoy this lifestyle or people who are forced to life this way, have to pay so much extra, no matter where one eats/drinks. "Oh, you want soy? That's xy cents extra. Bla bla, just leave it, I go home and do my own cup of coffee, thank you! 

Two weeks ago, my cravings good real, when I saw everyone around me eating ice cream. Right now, I just want a big bowl full of pistachio and chocolate ice cream...and maybe top that with some cookies?! Anyways, I found a cool ice cream spot and after my colleague at work bought me dairy free ice cream (blackberry sorbet), I wanted to see if the ice cream stores actually sell dairy free ice cream. I thought that way, because so many people live vegan nowadays - it is becoming more and more normal, right? Wrong. 
I read myself through the menu and I told the old Italian guy how much I loved his creations! He asked me if I wanted some and I asked back if he could offer me something which has no dairy and he got mad. I should buy something or leave. Okay, that was clear. Of course the answer was no and I started being really frustrated. Here, where I live, it's hard to really have a normal life without dairy. I remembered the American supermarkets...they had soy or almond milk years before we had it here. They even sell Ben & Jerry's dairy free over there...

After 6 months now, I have to say that I feel so much better. 
Is it really the dairy which makes me feel so bad? I guess so?! 
My skin is so much better and I barely get any pimples or skin irritations. Most importantly, my belly isn't bloated anymore! I lost a couple of pounds and I see more of my hard earned muscles! Why am I telling you this? When I started being more healthy, I read a lot of different blogs and I wanted to understand so much more beyond. Unfortunately, there where so many questions in my head which no online resource could answer me. I want to talk about subjects like this, because it affects all of us! Maybe there is someone out there who feels the same way - we need more people who talk about this and I don't mean writing a sponsored post about milk, smoothies or other stuff. I want to read about feelings, problems or other things! Life is not pink and full of glitter - we share experiences and stories, so let's connect closer

Fact is, I am not anti milk. I decided to go the dairy free way, because it is better for my body. Another fact is that we human beings are not made for digesting milk products. Still, there are people who live their lives happily with milk and they won't have any kind of complaint. Me, on the other hand, I am 20 something, and I realized it's never to late to focus on my body's needs and feelings. I want to feel fit and look good - being off dairy helped me so far! I incorporate calcium-rich foods, but also a lot of vitamin k! Being dairy free doesn't mean that you have to say bye bye to everything out there! Cheese, for example, cheddar, parmesan, or gouda are naturally lactose free. My eating habit hasn't changed. I still eat the same things, but I just use more dairy free products. The only thing I have to figure out more about is ice cream and yogurt. During winter, ice cream won't affect me, but right now during summer, this situation is killing me! 

Now, this is enough for today. I will surely talk more about my dairy free life and I will also make sure to share dairy free recipes in the future! Try it yourself or please share your experiences with me! Tell me how you feel about this and maybe you can give me some tips as well! 
I can't wait hearing from you! ~ 
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