Donnerstag, Juli 21

2:55 PM Love at first? I don't know...this was really spontaneous, but it felt so right. For months, I have been dreaming of my first Stan Smith pair (as a true reader, you might have seen me with the green version last Summer - it was my sister's pair). 
Every "fashion idiot" got a pair and all I am seeing outside is the green or blue Stan Smith version. You know when it comes to sneakers, I hate being on this current wave and wear the same stuff everyone else is wearing. 
Now, a year later, my thirst wasn't that big anymore, although I love looking at them! I went to a store opening in my city and I saw this red version for only 40€. You know the end of the story: ...hello you, you are finally mine! I am so happy to have a special color and a very nice material, too! Sexy deal, don't you think? This is why I am dedicating today's "Sneaker Thursday" to my new sneakers. Soon you will see more of my summer fling - as you know me, I will present them in a special outfit! 
What's your sneaker summer fling? Do you have any favorites right now? 
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