Mittwoch, Juli 13

7:46 AM It's been a little bit...I was writing my book club list, thinking about which book I should discuss with you next! Funny fact, my sister gave me Chrissy Teigen's cookbook "Cravings" for some inspiration and while I was checking the first pages, I was curious to find out more about cookbooks in general. This is so funny to me, because I am not the biggest fan of cooking (actually...I have to put this sentence into the past tense). I hated being in the kitchen and I was so bored of thinking of my weekly meals. One day, it suddenly changed, and I became a kitchen nerd! Cooking is like meditation to me and I love reading different books about it! There is so much you can do and I love seeking inspiration like that! 

Since my lifestyle is becoming more and more healthy, I try to find recipes which help me staying in that direction and so I am always checking out what sources other people have to cook those awesome meals. So why don't we talk about cookbooks, lovebirds? The first book club was about Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography - a very good helper to structure your own life and work hustle! Now let's focus on the things which always surround us: food and cravings! I definitely want to tell you a little bit about Chrissy's book, but I am also curious to read about YOUR favorite cookbook! 

Until August 14, make sure to write a comment below or tweet me your suggestions! What do you like, which book has the best pictures, illustrations or whatever! There's nothing more sexy than good food - let's make this book club round 2 super yummy and sexy! ~ I can't wait hearing from you! 
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