Montag, Juli 18

9:34 PM It's the time of the year...people pack their bags and the vacations are about to start! I'm late with my vacation, but I will start my travelling season in August...There's something which has been on my list for so long, but I actually never cared about it, because at the end of the day, I told myself that I don't really need this gadget. I'm talking about a power bank. Hmm, yeah, I am not into technology and electronic gadgets (or whatever you want to call it) and that's why I never cared about it...Until I go on holidays, the same scenario happens to me over and over again. Since I go back and forth from Germany to NYC, I always have the longest flights and my cellphone is continuously letting me down. As soon as I arrive, my battery is low or I cannot find a place where I can charge my phone for a second, since every other cell phone junkie already blocked a spot where one can charge. Each time that happens, I tell myself to get myself a power bank, so I never have to worry. Of course, I deleted that thought until I found Kreafunk's solution and innovative idea. 

Yesss, I know, I am a design freak and I love fancy things. Instagram did it to me this time.
I saw Kreafunk's designs and I was interested to get to know about the brand...To cut a long story short: I needed to have the "To Charge" power bank! It cost me 45€ and with that, I got a little helper/super hero, great design and ultra fancy packaging as well. "To Charge" is put into a small and very sexy wooden box which is decorated with Snap's hit song "I've got the power". You will also get this tiny bag, where you can easily transport your power bank to wherever you go to - PERFECT! 

Unfortunately, I haven't got any time yet to test this miracle, but I will surely do when I go to "xy" next month (sorry, I won't share my destination yet, haha). I will definitely talk about this a little further, if you happen to be interested! Until then, get yourself a power bank as well! It doesn't matter what design or what brand it is - this gadget will save you a hundred times! 
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