Sonntag, Juli 31

10:51 AM Yes, read it again. Another challenge? Yes, yes, yes! I am not crazy - only a little bit addicted, sorry lovebirds! I don't want to annoy you with dumb fitness challenges, but I want to give you inspiration to live a little bit healthier. You know me - I am not hardcore on a diet and workout 9 times a week. I am a milkshake lover and I love running and taking care of my behind. I share my story here...I changed my nutrition a tiny bit (dairy changes etc.), but I am still enjoying life to the fullest. My challenges are fulfilling me even more, because since I started this silly idea, I became addicted and working out keeps me sane. 

My last challenge #gettingstronger ends today and I will jump into a new one tomorrow. Is that crazy? Maybe. I decided I don't want my body to relax and then get back into another workout routine - I am not made for all of those ups and downs. That's why I continue with my workouts, but I will change them every day depending on my mood. 

Some think that working out every day is an additional stress factor, but to me it's all about how you do it. It can be considered as a run in the morning and the next day a little yoga session...I won't go crazy and risk injuries or such. I just want to keep my body moving, no matter how! Summer time is the best time to experiment and there are so many cool things to do outside. We are not forced to stay inside during this new challenge. Go outside: hike, run, swim, bike, wakeboard, surf, play soccer, play basketball - I don't know...there's so much going on outside! 

With my last challenge, I started to share the exact workout I do, so you get an idea of the things I like and which help me to achieve my goals. I don't know if you liked it, but I guess it helps some of you who are new to this. It always takes time to figure out which exercise is best for you plus it should also be a little bit of fun, right? I know about my favorites and I love to share them with you! 

Since working out in the heat can be a pain in the ass, I want you to take it slow!
Wake up and see how your body feels! Don't force yourself and stress your body out. 

Now let's discuss the most important thing. What is the challenge about? What do I need to do? Just like I said: you create 4 weeks just how you like it! The basis of this challenge will be your smartphone and the awesome Nike Training Club App. I have been using this app for a very long time and I just love their offer of diverse exercises! The good thing is that you can choose the intensity of your workout plus it's up to you if you want to workout for 10 minutes or an hour! Focus on different body parts and get stronger day by day! If you need a little adventure in between - go outside and do your workout outside! It's up to you! The most important thing is to always keep moving! Sounds easy, right?

So, let's get ready. My last #gettingstronger session is over. I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and start the day with my first NTC workout session! 

With this challenge, I will also add something new. I always share my experiences via Twitter, so we can chat and connect via our sweat sessions. This time I will also do a weekly review where I will tell you about my weekly program and how I feel. If you want to share your thoughts and sweats...make sure to chat with me via Twitter or Instagram or hit a comment here with the hashtag #hellosummer. I can't wait hearing from you, lovebirds! 

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