Montag, Juli 11


10:15 PM It's not my favorite season, but I have to admit...this summer is totally my thing! Sunshine and the air smells so sweet! Iced coffee and wearing shirts as dresses - who else is down for that? 
With this shirt, I am celebrating my favorite player D. Rose coming to the Knicks, haha, FINALLY! No really, I am so happy to walk around half naked and wear whatever makes sense to me! 
I shot this outfit right before I had to go to work and of course I was so lucky to shoot during a little splash of rain...Nevertheless, I finally wanted to share some summer vibes with you and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 

What is your favorite summer look? Let's kick off this new week with a lot of smiles and good vibes! ~ Ps: Congrats to Portugal - what a game! Je suis désolée pour la France! 

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