Donnerstag, Juli 7

9:55 PM Is it wrong to say its the season of races? Or maybe I'm just having a current soccer fever since Germany is playing against France today. For this occasion, I will keep it sporty and I want to focus on something which I personally forget way too often! As a runner, there will always come this moment where one asks oneself whether to participate at a race or not. I was always a bit scared, because I know how silly I look when I work out, plus I am super slow. I told myself I will only run for myself, that's it. Last year, my attitude changed and I did my first 10k in Berlin with Nike. 

Unfortunately, we do not have many races here where I live, so I decided to race at my city's womens run last Friday. The closer the event came, the more I was confused. How did I prepare last time? What did I eat? I decided to keep calm and do whatever feels natural to me. 

One thing I learned though is to write my preparation down, so next time there won't be any confusion. 

Here's my little how-to list for you: 
1. The best preparation is to stick to your workout routine. Keep it low-key though. Don't upgrade your routine or try out new things which may occur injuries or such. We don't need this!
2. 1-2 days before your big race, you should do a rest day. Let your body breathe and recover. Stretch every stress out of your muscles. 
3. Sleep. Try to sleep as much as you can. Recharge your whole system and turn your brain off. 
4. No pressure! Teach your mind not to worry! You worked so hard to succeed - you can do it! 
5. Prepare a starting kit. Get some water, fruits, energy bars or nuts - we need things which fuel the body! 
6. One day before the race make sure to pack your bag and equipment. This means pack your starting kit into a light bag or backpack, but also pick your running clothes. Check the weather - do you need a rain jacket? Shorts or tights? Make sure to not wear too heavy clothes! Also check your running shoes one more time - are they perfectly laced? 
7. The race day is no reason to freak out! Start the day just like any other day. Breakfast and give your body already some fiber and vitamins! Make sure to not eat a burger before the race (you can sureley treat yourself with that afterwards, haha)
8. When it's hot outside, make sure to take an extra bottle of water with you! Your body will loose a lot of water through sweating etc. Also take a little money with you. Some races happen to not hand out water for free...
9. Stretch one more time before the race! It's important to prepare the body to prevent injuries. 
10. Smile. A positive mind and attitude motivates you half the way already! The adrenaline will push you and go beyond your limits. Take it easy and have fun! Create nice memories until your next run!

That's it already! We shouldn't over plan such a race - at the end of the day it's only a race! The more races you will run, the more experience you will gain! Take it easy and have no expectations and don't put too much pressure on yourself. I promise you will go to bed tired, but with a huge smile! If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask! ~ K 
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