Cà phê sữa đá (DAIRY FREE)

Samstag, Juli 23


7:39 PM It's not a secret...next to food, I ADORE COFFEE

On Tuesday, I talked about my dairy issues and I also promised you to continue talking about that a little bit. One of the things which bothered me first was coffee. I love drinking my coffee in the morning and I always have an excuse to sit down and slurp my vanilla or caramel latte (I love it sweet, baby). Can I drink coffee with rice milk or do I have to drink a soy latte now? I was disgusted and I tried it...unfortunately, it didn't taste at all. With rice milk it tasted like water + coffee and with soy it tasted like the inside of a cow + coffee. I totally freaked out and decided to stick with tea first...my inside was killing me! After I started to use my rice milk for cereals and other things, I decided to try it one more time with coffee! A couple of weeks passed and guess what happened? My mouth was used to rice milk now and that's why my cup of coffee tasted like heaven again! Yessss! 

Let's skip forward. 
Now that summer time is here, I thought about trying different iced coffee ideas for you. Some months ago, I saw someone writing about Vietnamese coffee and somehow it intrigued me to try it as well. The funny thing is that after seeing it at one page, I noticed it on other sites, too, and I couldn't stop thinking about something else. 

Ohhh, this recipe includes dairy. I decided to not try it and postpone it to whenever.... 
WRONG! I am sick of recipes that include dairy and me trying to figure out how to do it without all the milk. I guess in Asian cuisine it is very common to use condensed milk and I believe that the original recipe tastes super yummy and sweet. I mean...the condensed milk actually intrigued me to try this drink - but I figured out a new way.

Today, I want to show you Vietnamese coffee in a dairy free version! SAY WHAT!


YOU NEED 1 can coconut milk + 1/4 cup maple syrup + 1 tablespoon dark roast coffee + 1/3 cup boiled water ice cubes 

1. It's time to prepare a vegan condensed milk. I researched well and this is the recipe I liked the most: cook the coconut milk together with the maple syrup over medium heat. Stir once in a while and make sure the milk gets thicker after a couple of minutes. Later, it will get a yellow touch which it super perfect - that's how we want it!
2. Put the coconut condensed milk aside and let it cool down.
3. Of course I do not own an authentic individual coffee drip filter just like Vietnamese people...if you happen to have any kind of machine which makes the best brew - use it! I decided to take a strong espresso - just because. Brew your coffee!
4. Take 2 tablespoons of your cooked condensed milk and put it into your choice of glass or cup. Add the coffee and watch both ingredients turn into a super sexy color.
5. Add a couple of ice cubes and enjoy your little Vietnam vacation!

Yesss, I know. You will get another kind of Vietnamese coffee in Vietnam and my recipe isn't 100% authentic - but, I am here to create new and modern versions and I have to say that this version already tasted like heaven! This makes me really excited to try a real one in the future! Until then, I will practice more and work on my recipe.

I would also love to hear from you!
Do you like Vietnamese coffee? Did you try it yourself?

*I hope you are not too mad about not sharing a picture of my Vietnamese coffee version. You know as a photographer, I love sharing pictures or photographs which inspire me! Since my version doesn't look as perfect as the ones you see when you are looking for it on Pinterest or other sites, I wanted to share it just like that ~

Have a beautiful weekend, lovebirds! ~ Don't forget to drink enough water!

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