Mittwoch, Juli 27

7:18 PM The grass is so beautifully green, the birds sing and it's time to relax a little. A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I decided to spend our day off together and start into the day with a nice little brunch picnic in the park. 
There's nothing better than relaxing through reconnecting with mother nature and your environment! Our park is in the heart of the city center, but it's the perfect place to enjoy some calmness and silence. I have to admit that my last picnic happened when I was a little kid...I remember doing that with my best friend at the lake around our neighborhood and we brought cookies and all the bad stuff from home which we weren't allowed to eat, haha. Today, nothing has changed! I was really in the mood to enjoy a picnic like this again, so next to fruits and bakery things, I brought espresso brownie cookies, which were the BOMB! Also, we weren't drinking alcohol, there's only orange juice in the cups...All in all, it was such a perfect morning! Sweat pants day and food coma in the nicest area - what more can I ask for? 

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