Montag, Juni 20

6:02 PM Today I had a very nice date with my bike and I enjoyed riding around in my neighborhood with my shortest shorts on. The sun was shining and the sky looked very delicious! Finally a day off, where I can do anything I want to...Unfortunately, I couldn't work out as much as I wanted to the last weeks, but today, I realized that this is only a bad excuse! Of course I was tired and my body was telling me to pause more, but sleeping alone can't heal my body as a total!

I am so thrilled to go to an official run on July 1st, and since my registration, my heart is jumping up and down. My body asks for a little muscle focus and I will get back to my routine step by step. 

A new week is here, and since I also miss having monthly challenges, I thought about a morning routine which I want to practice more! Maybe this is the perfect challenge for me right now, because sometimes it is really hard for me to sit down for 10 minutes and stretch...Doesn't it sound funny that we are all too busy to do something important for 10 minutes (...which is nothing?!). Dear self, this is for you! I will dedicate 14 minutes each morning after I wake up...let's see if you are happy with me or not! Are you guys with me? 

Wake up, stretch and say hi to your body! Afterwards, grab a smoothie or sit down and enjoy a great and fulling breakfast - this is the perfect way to start the day!
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