Sonntag, Juni 5

7:18 AM It has been raining for a bit now and so has been my mood. You might see it...I am fighting with this stupid layout and I am so tired of working on it every day after work until I fall asleep. Yes, I do the layouts by takes time, but I don't want to shut the site down because of that - so sorry if the layout isn't perfect yet. I am working on it!! Back to important things...Finally a new post.

After rain and heavy thunderstorms I am hoping that Spring isn't scared to come back! It's June and I am freezing my butt off. The only shorts I was wearing so far were my running shorts and I finally want to enjoy spring to the fullest! Fashion wise, I try to stay cool though...because I know one day, the sun will be back and I can run around half naked. Until then...I have to suit up and wear things which I actually never combined like that. Why not?
Unfortunately, my mood is a bit black and white, but I can't stand too colorful pictures right now! I hope you guys had a beautiful weekend with a lot of sunshine and good vibes! Enjoy the week! ~

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