Sonntag, Juni 12

10:21 PM If there's one thing I have to learn, then it's how to relax more. It seems like I am full of energy 24/7 and I always push my body beyond its limits - good or bad? At the end of the day or the morning after, I realize that I don't get as much sleep as I should and my whole being is tired and stressed out. Working is good, but we definitely need to find balance as well! We should listen to our body first and give it its breaks and recovery moments so that we can function as a total, don't you think?

What everyone is forgetting is the fact that we only have one body and our body is not a machine! We can't push a button and be on/off - we need time and certain rituals to let our body heal and fuel. It is definitely not healthy to be on high energy the whole day and that's why I am teaching myself currently how to relax more. 
Unwinding sounds so easy...why is it so hard for so many people to turn the brain off and just do nothing? As soon as I get home, I only want to sleep, because I am extremely exhausted. One day later, I feel even worse at work.

Nowadays, where working and jobs in general have such a high position in life, it's funny that people forget how to let go and enjoy an evening without stress but with pure thoughts and relaxation. Yes, I am one of those people, but my personal problem is that I feel guilty when I lay around and basically do nothing! I go to bed and I am mad at myself that I didn't draw an illustration, or worked on a couple of new posts for you. This is definitely not healthy for me and now that Spring is treating us with a lot of rain, I tend to have more time to sit inside and think a bit more about things which can help me better through the daily. So what did I do? I researched again. How do others handle this? What is the easiest way to relax and give the body the needed hours of doing nothing? 

1. Pamper yourself: cook something nice or go to your favorite place and take food home, so you can have a little highlight at the end of the day. I love this feeling and the excitement when I am at work and I know I will treat myself in the evening with a special meal or a nice dessert. Food over everything ~
2. Do a little beauty ritual: this includes anything you consider as a beauty ritual. Take a bath or hot shower to let your muscles relax. Or use a peeling and special treatment for your face and skin which gives it its glow back. While your doing this, sit down and also drink a tea and light a candle - with a special atmosphere, your body is able to relax to the fullest. Treat your senses as well!
3. Just like I said...sit down and drink a cup of hot tea. Choose a flavor which is good to calm you down (for example chamomile). What I learned from my better half is to drink green tea before one goes to bed! This is something I've been practicing for a little bit now and I can definitely say it calms me down and it makes me fall asleep faster. (My current favorite would be hot water with ginger and some vitamins, as you can see on the picture - your body will thank you a lot!)
4. Exercise! I know, I said it a couple of posts ago...I am lazy after work and I often don't want to work out after a busy day. As a runner, I think about running first, of course. But I realized that other exercises can help me, too, and it also helps improving my running skills. So what I basically do is a lot of stretching and yoga! If I am not in the mood to do so, I am focusing on certain body areas and I do a couple of things to keep my body busy. After that, I drink more water and I feel fresh again! 
5. Meditate. There are so many apps which provide you with the perfect meditation. It doesn't matter if you enjoy listening to rain sounds or a voice telling you to breathe in - try it once before you judge. One of my co-workers asked me why I meditate. I told him that this is the only way to make my heart slow down and focus on the important things! After my good night tea, this is the perfect way to end a day!
6. Listen to music! Dance and shake it off! During the day, one is dealing with many people and the body is capturing a lot of energy (may it be good or bad). What's important for all of us is to let go! Get rid of ballast and don't bring negative energy home! Turn on your favorite music and shake the stress away! Music is healing us and there is no better thing than turning up your favorite song and feel good, right? 
7. Write down your thoughts! I am a fan of journals and to-do lists. I have my little book always with me, where I draw, capture ideas or structure my daily. I love planning everything and I am always happy to see what I have accomplished at the end of the day. Was the day stressful? Yes. Am I tired? Yes, but look what I have done...good job! Focus on the good things you have done and don't think about the negative moments which you may have experienced! Go to bed with a clear mind and let your brain turn off for a little bit. 

Again, I know...this sounds too easy! Somehow some of us struggle with such a list! 
Don't worry - we are all in this and we do this step by step! Tell me about your evening routine! How do you relax? ~
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