Donnerstag, Juni 23

3:51 PM Oh yeah, that's how I like it! The temperature is above 30°C right now and I am enjoying this year's summer beginning to the fullest! While we were waiting for years for spring, summer is pretty punctual this year and it's treating us too well. I am happy to enjoy some days off and I am spending a lot of time outside, biking or running! Yesterday, I got back home and all I wanted to do is shower for hours and get the right refreshment, because I felt my body isn't prepared yet. 

Sometimes I struggle with the heat and also during working out outside, I notice that it's hard to perform the way I want to. Today, I woke up and decided to create a little diy which helps my body being refreshed all day! Here's a little cool down spray for you and me: whether you use it for a little refreshing moment at work, at home or a cool down after working out outside! This spray is really a nice little helper and it's super cheap to do it yourself! 

1 tea bag 
a few mint leaves
1-2 tablespoons baby oil or almond oil 
1 cup of water 

1. Choose a favorite tea of yours. I chose a cinnamon tea, because I love the smell of it. In addition to that, we know that cinnamon has good benefits for the body - perfect! 
2. Boil the water and prepare your tea. Follow your tea bag's instructions and when it's done, let it cool down. 
3. Now mix your tea with 1-2 tablespoons baby oil or almond oil and give it a good stir. 
4. Throw in some mint leaves to give it a fresh kick! 
5. Let it sit for 20 minutes. 
6. Take out the mint leaves and fill the mixture into an empty spray bottle. 
7. Before each use, shake the bottle well! 

That's it already! If you are not a fan of oils, then you can also leave it out and only use your tea as a cool down spray! I added oil to my mixture, because I want my skin to be nourished and feel healthy! Everything in this spray is good for your skin and it's so cool that it is treating us with a fresh feeling whenever we need it! As soon as it's empty, you can also create a new one with another scent! Try out any tea you have at home: green tea, ginger tea, or use a "boring herbal" tea...your skin will love it ~
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