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10:10 AM What I love the most about internet land is connecting with awesome people and making new friends. Today's "Tuesday Talk" is another interview I did for the Off Color magazine some time ago - I would say it was my favorite interview ever! When it comes to photography, I would call myself an artist, and therefore I am always curious to get to know other artists and their process of creating! This time, I talked to a lovely human being who creates nice music and beats which everyone should hear! Let me introduce P.Morris to you!

How was growing up in Kansas for you? Life in Kansas is super slow. [laughs] I spent a lot of time traveling as a child, because of my dad, but most of my summers were spent in Kansas doing very idyllic Midwest stuff like catching insects and reading outside on my grandparents porch. I am forever changed by having lived here for so long, but ultimately it's just where I live...not who I am. 

I read that your family consists of musicians. Could you tell us something about your musical background? My parents are both really active with music. My dad is a radio personality and DJ and my mother is a professor of Black music. That said, I grew up really inundated with music at a very young age. As a child, they put a lot of pressure on me to take piano lessons and play in the church band, but I quickly rebelled against all of that and started playing in punk groups with my friends. I think it all played an integral part in honing my ear and instilling some of the musical values I embody today. 

Do you remember the first time you fell in love with music? When was that and which song hit you? A lot of the first music I fell in love with was lounge music or Bossa Nova that I heard in countless hotel lobbies and elevators. Also, early on, I was very fascinated with video game music. Both genres left a huge mark on what I do, so I have kept true to both influences. It's hard to say what I fell in love with first, but I can say that the work of Antonio Carlos Jobim and Koji Kondo did more for me than a lot of modern popular music did, in terms of shaping what I think sounds good. 

What inspires you? Without sounding completely cliché, I am very inspired by living. The internet used to really inspire me, but I can say unequivocally that part of my life is over. [laughs] In genera, I am very inspired by pop radio music, either as a reaction to what I don't like or what I'd like to strive for. It's definitely both when it comes to pop. I am super inspired by a lot of Japanese music and culture, this has been the only constant in my life since childhood. 

What are you working on currently? Can you tell us something about upcoming projects? I can't say definitively, but I have got a lot of orchestral work on the horizon. I also recently got some music placed in some video games, so soon you'll be seeing MORRI$ soundtracking some insane action. 

Is there a person with whom you'd love to work with in the future? I'd love to work with Frank Ocean, but I think that's just about everyone right now. I'd also love to work with Pharrell Williams, Matthew Herbert or Cornelius, I think I could learn a lot from artists of that stature. It's also always been a dream of mine to work with Mocky and Jim O'Rourke. I successfully crossed one of those guys off the list this year already though. :) 

What is the biggest difference if you compare yourself to other DJ's and producers? I am really invested in trying to make something timeless. I think a lot of the artists I'm coming up with are really trying to capture the zeitgeist of now, which is something that doesn't really interest me. I'm not trying to be the biggest name or the hottest artist, although I'd love to be successful. I long ago realized that the definition of success for me is to be able to work on my own terms, but also inject myself into the continuum of artists I love or came up listening to. I'm really obsessed with musical lineage and it would mean everything to me to be eventually considered a product of some of my favorite artists like Herbert, or Pharrell, or Mocky, 

Is there a message you have with your music? In general, my message is one of lush extravagance beyond my own means. I definitely spend a lot of time sonically reaching for a plane that I don't truly inhabit, using real strings and chord progressions that are more fitting to Ryuichi Sakamoto than Mike Will, but it's all part of a general aspirational quality that I think I personally embody. I am trying to exist in a different dimension than one I have necessarily been expected to dwell in and that juxtaposition is really what drives me and makes my music stand out. 

What is your biggest dream? My biggest dream at this point is to continue to move forward with exactly what I'm doing. I'd like to continue to make music but always on my own terms, making decisions that are honest and good for me, rather than trying to get swept up in the breakneck pace expected of a lot of artists who come from the internet. I think if allowed to progress at this pace, I'll eventually be truly on some OTHER shit in the next few years, but it's all about not succumbing to this "track a week" or quick remix ethic that so many of my contemporaries embody. I'd love to eventually live and work in Japan, but that's still a bot of a ways off for me I think. Besides all of that, I am super into fragrance, I'd love to eventually work with some of my favorite noses to create a scent, but I think that's really far fetched for me right now. 

You have been to so many places - which city did you enjoy the most and where do you want to go to in the future? I really, really liked Montreal. I spent a little time there earlier this year. If it wasn't so goddamn cold, I would definitely consider living there. I've been spending a lot of time in Los Angeles as of late and really loving it as well. As I've mentioned a lot in this interview, I am really hoping to make it to Japan sometime soon, but I think eventually that goal will find itself to me. Austin, Texas is one of my favorite American cities, but I think everyone says that.

How do you deal with success? Did you ever think of being famous for making awesome songs? I'm not as successful as you'd think, honestly. That said, I live in relative anonymity here in Kansas. People are not really up on my musical wavelength or informed about the culture that embraces my music. Accordingly, I don't really get confronted with that kind of stuff here in Kansas and it's great! I don't think I'll ever consider myself "famous" persay, no matter how popular my music gets. I do however look forward to when I can afford to just travel wherever I want whenever I want without worry, that will be "success" to me. 

What is your favorite song ever? This is a really difficult question! I think it's a close tie between "Human Nature" by Michael Jackson and "If I Was Your Girlfriend" by Prince. Lots of songs may come and go, but those two are forever. 

Can you imagine experimenting with other styles of music and create something totally new? I'd like to think that's kind of what I am already doing, but I look forward to collaboration with more artists who can truly put me into those other genres, because that's where they already operate. When I get to collaborate with someone like Chilly Gonzales or Miguel Atwood Ferguson on an orchestral piece, I'll be REALLY excited about dabbling in symphonic works. Likewise, if I were to get to collaborate with the Namco Sound Team, I'll be excited about finally getting to create real video game music. It's really going to take me crossing over fully into their worlds for me to feel like I'm creating some new shit, rather than just being a sort of impressionist which is definitely what I'm on now. 

Is there a chane seeing your playing live somewhere? I am currently all over the place in the US performing more and more. Hoping to get over to Europe sometime this year, but you should nudge my agent, Sinan, over at Elastic Artists to encourage him to get me over there! :)

I love P.Morris for everything he does and I am so happy to call this dude my friend! He's such a great inspiration! Get inspired as well!
Here's his latest project "Low": 

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