Sonntag, Mai 29

12:03 AM My current days are super long and there is not a lot going on, because I only work. In addition to that, there's also no time for running or intense workouts, because all I want to do is going to bed and sleep, haha. Those weather ups and downs drive me crazy and my body is giving me many bad vibes. I realize that I need to take care of my body more, although I'm actually not torturing it. It's hard to plan a long and fun workout into my working schedule, but I will surely go back to more stretching right before I work every day.

Stretching...who does that? Some people swear that they run without stretching and they believe they have a better performance by that. Fact is, our muscles are "cold and stiff" when we wake up in the morning. With stretching we can prepare our muscles for a strong performance plus we warm them up! This leads to a smooth movement and it prevents injuries as well! It's so good to support our backs or it just helps our legs to walk many steps throughout the day. At the end of the day you know what I mean - one is tired because one walked from a to z and your back know the story. We all have been there. So why not dedicate 5 minutes of your morning routine to some stretching and saying hello to your body? Prepare your muscles for a long and hard day and give your body time to warm up right! 

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