Sonntag, Mai 1

7:34 AM ARE YOU READY?!? Ahhh, I can't believe that I am finally writing those words down! The whole time I was thinking of how I should announce this on the blog: well, I just do it! No big bla bla and monologs for days! MY EBOOK IS HERE!! I hope you don't mind that I can't present the whole content right here - that is the past! I created an online magazine for over 3 years and of course I loved it, but I freelanced everything. I invested a lot and I never got a cent for it. I also create my content here for free - I mean I am the one who is illustrating, taking pictures and designs the blog, so I don't need to hire someone! But we all know the story...freelancing ain't free! There comes a time where we all want appreciation and other things when it comes to our work. I feel you! 

Since my last magazine issue release is some months ago, I really missed the process of creating something! My better half was actually the trigger, who pushed or motivated me to sit down and do something (thank you!) and then...this happened. I knew that I won't publish something like in the past - I wanted to share my own story! A story, many people can relate to, I guess! #ReadyWhenYouAre is about running and becoming smarter when it comes to your body! That means, getting to know all the factors you need to know when you start being active! I will talk a lot about the equipment, how to get started, running shoes, breathing, posture, stretching and yoga and most importantly: recipes! So as you can see, I share a lot which I share here on the blog, too! For the book, I wanted special recipes, though. In addition to that, I realized that every "fit" and "healthy lifestyle" book is about detoxing and green smoothies! I am not a fan of that! Of course, I also share a smoothie recipe in the book, but I also got a cookie recipe, or granola for your morning which is better than anything else on this planet. Yeah, we can cut the sugar or nasty carbs, but we still want to enjoy our dinner - there you go! #ReadyWhenYouAre helps you getting to know yourself, your body and your passion for running! You can also apply this to any other kind of sport - I just wanted to speak from my heart and show you another perspective of a passionate runner and sport junkie. 

While I was creating page after page, I realized that I wanted to dedicate this book to special people out there. People like you and me, who don't follow all those weird trends, but also people who only have sports to connect and grow! With every order of this book, I will donate 2€ to a non-profit organization which is called Kusewara. I have a long text about that plus my thoughts in this book, so if you need further insight, I will surely provide you with that. This means a lot to me and I just hope I can help with a couple of euros to make the kids smile and have a better life. Sweat connects and we should all help doing this across the world. 

#ReadyWhenYouAre can be bought right here.


Have fun reading this book and please share your experiences and thoughts with me! Thank you all, lovebirds - we are here to create beyond! xx K

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