Sonntag, Mai 15

12:26 PM Everyone is talking about it and it has such a beautiful color: golden milk. I've read about it so much and I was always thinking how people could drink that: milk plus turmeric - that doesn't fit together! Even my mother told me about this super healthy drink, which one should at least try once. Since we all listen to our moms, I did a little research again and I read about the benefits of this little miracle. Golden milk is something for people who want to lose weight, inflamed joints, acne treatment, and it also purifies the blood. Okay, sounds good. The only thing which convinces me here would be the pain part, since I have been struggling with my wisdom teeth pain a lot! I needed over 4 weeks to recover properly (thank you body - I won't complain!) and there were days where I couldn't ignore the pain anymore - so let's try this recipe!

During my research, I also noticed that there is only one standard recipe, so I was already prepared to spice this a bit up, since I always like a deeper flavor. I also have to add that I used rice milk and not the normal milk, since I am having a dairy free time right now. I mixed everything together and I sat down to listen to some music as well. Sundays are the best days to just recharge and treat the body and mind. 


YOU NEED 2 cups of coconut milk (or rice milk, or almond milk - any milk you like) + 1 1/2 teaspoons turmeric + 1 teaspoon cinnamon (I used 2) + 1 teaspoon nutmeg (I used a half teaspoon) + a pinch of ginger powder + *1 teaspoon maple syrup (my personal choice and taste)

1. Mix everything together and let the mixture boil over low medium heat. 
2. Let it cook for at least 3 minutes, but make sure to not burn your milk! 
3. Fill your cups and enjoy the golden pleasure!

My experience after my first cup of golden milk is that I definitely put more cinnamon inside than anyone else out there, because without an extra extra add of cinnamon, this drink would taste super boring and weird. I also added some maple syrup to create a special flavor. I don't know if I am a fan of this, but let's see if this cup heals my body, haha. What about you? Have you tried golden milk already? Did you like it?  
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