Donnerstag, Mai 19

2:42 PM 4 weeks ago, I introduced a category on the blog which is something I wanted to share for so long! Yeah, I have a lot to share with you, I know, but I believe that this is the best platform to share another love of mine: reading and knowledge! I was reading a lot as a kid and then I suddenly stopped. Since I was always interested in anything beyond, I started reading philosophy books which brought my childhood love back! I didn't know much about books in general, I just read, but I realized some words, little passages, and many long chapters changed my mind - they inspired me. This is why I chose a special first book for the book club! My general idea here is to inspire you and give you an insight of other opinions and perspectives! So my choice for the first book was easy: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin! I don't want to discuss each page with you - I want to tell you how this book inspires and motivates one. 

While I was reading the book, I was sometimes not really excited to read all of Franklin's history and what things he did (yeah, boo, I know) - I was more into his thoughts! I like how he approached to human beings and how much he cared about virtues and life. In university, I learned that many students take his autobiography as a basis to understand more about oneself and the world (especially in liberal studies), but also as an important "guide" to understand about state affairs, politics and economy!

This book surprises you when you don't really see it coming!

One chapter made me smile big and I had to copy his thoughts into my little notebook: the 13 virtues. Here, Benjamin Franklin shares his idea to be a better person by building or developing his own character. With the help of 13 virtues, he is able to understand life more and become a better person at the same time! I love that he cares about his own growth and development so much and I respect the fact that he believed in improvement - no matter what. This is what we should take care of as well! We ignore all the details and we lose ourselves too much in the internet land so that we forget to spend time with us and our bodies. Who knows the own body best? I bet there are many people who still need to sit down and learn about their own being - they rather exist in worlds which are materialistic and unfortunately fake. 
I am honest. I am human and I struggle with life so often! I hate myself sometimes and I feel it's hard to understand what my body wants from me here and then! Communication isn't always my strength...Nevertheless, I am interested to get to know myself. I want to understand it all and I want to be the best version I can be. Happy and positive. 
Franklin's virtues are my highlight out of this book and I believe that many of you feel inspired by this as well! The virtues are about temperance, silence, order, resolution, frugality, industry, sincerity, justice, moderation, cleanliness, tranquility, chastity, and humility. In other words: you should do things step by step, perform in the right way, be good to other people and yourself, do useful things and cut unnecessary actions, be sincere, do no one wrong, avoid extremes, and so on. Does this sound weird to you? No. The first thought is that those are normal things everyone actually does (kind of...). Franklin was inspired by the idealism around the 18th century and I admire the passion of the people who loved talking and thinking about human beings in general. How can I exist in the best way? How can I live without worrying too much?

The texts and ideas which were written down a long time ago, can help us today finding back to our roots - the important things in life!

That's why I encourage you to read this book! Take your time and get inspired by a great personality and American hero! Learn a bit about American history, but also understand about the important things in life! With Benjamin Franklin's help we can all conquer ourselves and be a better person! 

Now tell me - did you read the book? Did you like it? And what did you like the most! I'm curious to hear your thoughts and opinions! x

If you haven't read the book yet, make sure to get yourself a copy here.
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