Sonntag, April 17

2:33 AM Sometimes, I really dislike shooting during Winter or the cold season! I am a lover of outside shootings, because I love capturing great architecture plus the light is so much better! Nevertheless, for this shooting I was pretty excited to shoot inside. On a rainy/snowy January day, me and a friend went to my university take a couple of analog pictures (don't underestimate analog photography!). I love the atmosphere there, since the university is a part of the old baroque castle in Mannheim.

I remember my first day at university, I knew that this is the perfect place to shoot. I always dreamed of shooting there, because the rooms are just crazy and the hallways are also pretty cool! Unfortunately, the weather outside didn't help us with a lot of light inside of the building! It was pretty dark and we really had to walk through the whole building to find great spots to shoot. However, this is the result and I hope you like it as much as I do. I hope I can shoot some more images there in the near future! We will see...Happy Sunday ~

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