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3:55 AM Today I wanted to share something special, which some of you don't know, others may know it (if you happen to follow Off Color). I started this creative project not as a blog, but as an online magazine! I got to know the coolest people and I was so happy to present friends of mine from all over the world. Since the magazine days are the past and today I am only focusing on this blog - I didn't want to "ban" the cool interviews I did. I believe the interviews still matter and you can seek a lot of inspiration from them! I can't wait to feature more interviews in the future and I hope that you are just as excited as I am! This "Tuesday Talk" is dedicated to my favorite country and a culture which inspired me and my entire life! Getting to know the Japanese queen, Alisa Ueno, was a highlight so far and I loved chatting with her! Check out the interview and get inspired as well! 

Who is Alisa Ueno in 3 words? Outgoing, fashionholic, and adventurer. :)

Tell us something about FIG & VIPER: When did you open the store? We opened our first shop in September 2011. We currently have 6 shops with two new openings in Harajuku and Shinjuku, and our online store which is open to the public. The online shop has international shipping for those who are not currently in Japan, but wish to purchase our items. 

What does FIG & VIPER stand for? The name FIG & VIBER is a play-on words for a man and a woman. Fig represents the woman and viper (snake) represents the man. 

What can we get at your store? You can of course get clothes, but also bags, shoes, and other accessories. 

Do you take care of your store interior? How important is that to you and how do you present your clothes? I do take care of my store interior. Our items include a lot of vibrant and colorful items, so I try to design and keep the store simple with black and white. I decided to go with wood interior instead of concrete to go with a more natural look. With each store, there are 4 mannequins. I try to make sure that two of the mannequins wear the type of style that I would wear on a normal day, despite if people want to copy the style or not. The other two mannequins I try to fit into a style that my customers can easily copy and wear without standing out too much. Also, to make the mannequins have a cuter style, I sometimes incorporate other brand's accessories.

How would you describe your style? Describe? Basically I just wear what I wanna wear everyday! Lately, I mostly get my inspiration from 90s fashion.

How does a perfect outfit of yours look like? The perfect outfit that comes to my mind right now would include: a tight crop top, high-waisted skinny pants or shorts (pretty much anything high-waisted), 6 inch platform sneakers, an oversized denim jacket, a bandana, and finishing it off with gold hoop earrings and lots of gold necklaces.  

Who is your style crush? My style crush would have to be Rita Ora and Abbey Lee Kershaw.

Since the 90s inspire you a lot, tell us what you like about them so much. TLC!!! I love TLC's fashion along with their music. In the 90s, I was in elementary school and there was a singer in Japan named Namie Amuro who was very fashionable. I REALLY liked her and I looked up to her a lot and copied her style often. 

What can you tell us about Japanese fashion? Compared to American or European fashion, Japanese fashion is extremely conservative. The Japanese don't really like to show a lot of skin. Even though the fashion is very free and diverse - everyone worries about what others think; so if it's not "trendy", it's considered weird. 

How does Japan differ from Europe? I'm not totally sure, but the Japanese are very shy and don't have a lot of confidence, therefore conform to what they think everyone else think is "normal". 
I think there are a lot of great creators and VERY fashionable people just walking on the streets, but they are extremely shy. There are so many great creators here, but the language barrier limits them from expanding worldwide. They also become shy and less confident because they can't speak English or whatever. But I think the Japanese are the most fashionable people comparing with overseas. I don't think that only because it's my country, but because of every country I have been to, it seems that the Japanese are most focused on being "fashionable" and following fashion trends. 

What is it that you like about Tokyo the most? The fact that everyone has fun with fashion. Also, there is so much energy in Tokyo! There are so many different cultures grouped into one city and the food is the best. 

Tell us something about your interests besides of fashion. I have been djing for over 3 years - here I can link two of my favorite things: fashion and music. I spin mostly electro and dubstep, but I like hip hop as well! My dad is a guitarist so I also grew up with soul and rock! I also love to drink! When I proclaimed my love for Jägermeister, Jägermeister themselves contacted me and offered to do a collaboration! I love the fact that I can connect everything I love into one job! In addition to that I also love travelling! I try to get out as much as I can, whether it be business or pleasure. It's such a great change in scenery, I think that if I wasn't able to travel, I couldn't work, lol! 

Who are your favorite designers right now? Nicolas Ghesauiere, Marc Jacobs, Olivier Rousteing, Rick Owens, Alexander Wang. I like a lot of different fashion designers and they motivate me a lot. I like fashion, because there is no right or wrong. It's like having a type of guy you like - it's not right or wrong, it's your own taste. 

What are your future plans with FIG & VIPER? I have so many things I want to do with FIG & VIPER!!!! I want to create a men's line! But in the really near future, I want to open and online shop that isn't through Facebook, haha. I also want to do a lot of different things with the brand online. I have been studying English for a long time and I want to be able to put my studies to use by opening stores abroad as well! I still have to study more though, haha. But I'm doing my best!! I want to spread my ideas and what I would wear in Japanese fashion to the world! 

With this Japanese influencer, you can learn a lot about the fashion capital Tokyo and their fashion scene! Make sure to follow Alisa on Instagram and shop FIG & VIPER right here! I just love this girl! 

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