Dienstag, April 12

4:15 AM Running? Ewww. Some people like it, some people hate it. I LOVE it! I am here to share my experience and especially my passion for running! Now that Spring is here, I love seeing people becoming more active and here and there the first runners appear and run their first mile of the year. 
The running season already started, but no worries, you can start whenever you want to!

I believe that many people don't want to go running nowadays, because they feel too old or they remember how awful it used to be in school! I share those experiences, but I learned that you never know until you tried. In school, I was the first person to sit somewhere and watch people run. I only ran as much as people expected me to. My teacher always gave me a bad grade and I decided that I hate running so I thought I will never ever love it. I guess I was wrong. 

When I was 22, I started to run again. My first thought was that I might be too old, or maybe I took a break which was way too long. Can I get back to my groove which I had back in high school? Am I fast enough? Do I look like a runner? What do people think when they see me running around here in my lovely neighborhood? Oh boy, there were thousands of questions in my head and in the beginning I was really worrying too much about things which actually don't matter. 

I started to invest into my running equipment and I just started running. I walked, I ran - I just tried to figure out about my condition. Don't worry if you can't run for 5 minutes - it's really a training! Start with intervalls: run for a minute and walk another minute. Repeat this and make sure to add more minutes later! You will automatically see your progress ! 

I will definitely share more wisdom about a beginner's running routine soon, but before that, I want to share some rules which make you kick ass as well! LET'S RUN TOGETHER!

#1 Start. This means: grab your shoes and run. Don't think too much and don't expect too much! Choose an easy road and test yourself. If it's getting to hard, make sure to mix your run with some walks in between! You can also start walking for a while if you want to and when you are ready, you can start running for a bit. 
#2 Don't listen to anyone. Ignore people who look at you in a weird way - they are only jealous that they don't have the courage to run. Bad for them, not for you! 
#3 Don't want too much! Pressure is not healthy! That's why I wrote "don't expect too much"! Start slowly and don't put pressure on yourself. If you force yourself to run too much, you can risk injuries or such which we don't want to.
#4 Run with friends. Aren't you in the mood to run alone? Do you need company? Hell yeah, running can be a lot of fun when you share your sweat sessions with friends! Motivate each other and push yourselves - this is really awesome!
#5 Don't compare yourself to others. If you run with your friends and you feel like they are better than you, don't put yourself under pressure or stress yourself. Everyone runs in a different way and a different pace - find your own rhythm and get better day by day! 

5 simple rules to get started. Are you ready? 
Tell me your story! Do you run? Or are you passionate about something else? Share your words! 
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