Dienstag, April 19

12:20 PM I love reading, I love the smell of books and I get horny whenever I go to fleamarkets and I see tables full of old books. As a kid, I was totally into reading and I remember I always brought too many books home with me which my mom hated (someone had to bring the books back, haha). I was into fantasy but also normal stuff and I absolutely fell in love with comics. Then, during school, I was only reading the things I had to read for my classes, which was a.) boring and b.) a lot. Since those books didn't challenge me, I started to become interested in themes which I actually don't understand.

I wanted to read words which are important until today and it should be a challenge for me reading it. That's how my love for philosophy started. I am a nerd and I love philosophy and history! Of course, I also had to start studying it...During my studies, I read so much and my love is still growing for books like this! The older I get, the more and more I appreciate books, especially the super old ones! Today, while sitting in the train, I saw not one person with a book - where am I? I was the only one! I told myself last year, that I will read more in 2016. So far I read two books and with today's new category on Off Color, I want to push you, too! Let's inspire each other and talk! I want to hear what you favorite stories are! Who's your favorite author? What's your favorite book? There are so many books which can help changing your life and you as a person! That's why I am so excited to exchange words with you!

The first book club's book will be Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography. Don't underestimate it! Yeah, I am a Historian (kind of), but I will show you different books! You will get to see things which will inspire you a lot! Always try something new and never say no to a book! 

How's this book club working? In 4 weeks I will write a little review about the book and the things which were catchy or important. If you read it until then too, we can easily chat or just discuss a bit! Feel free to discuss below in the comment section - I can't wait to see and hear your perspective! 

So until then, enjoy reading! 
We will continue in 4 weeks! I hope you are just as much excited as I am! ~

*And yes, funny story. I actually wanted to show you my face above, but unfortunately, I cannot take pictures of myself right now, since I am currently having my wisdom teeth party! You can imagine how my face looks like! Cheers ~
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