Freitag, April 8

9:02 AM One thing which I really hate. I am not a born drinker and as far as I can remember, I have always struggled with drinking a lot. As a kid, I loved drinking juice or soda and I never understood why people choose water over the sweet things. When I got older, I understood the difference and I also saw that juices or soda make me fat, so I needed to change something. I started drinking water and the struggle became real. How in the world will I be able to drink a lot from this liquid which tastes like nothing?

After trying diverse waters, I found out what I liked and I sticked to it with the result that my body thanked me a lot!! Now that I am older, I start to notice different water flavors and I am often bored to drink the same water, because it's not inviting me to drink tons of it. There are days where I drink a lot, because I also work out, but then again, I go to bed and realize that I only drank 1l or less. Last year, I started drinking lemon water, because it gave the water the perfect flavor and it made me excited to always try this drink with different fruits. 

During a little research about waters, I found the water I want to talk about today. I found this UK company, TAPPED, which sells organic birch water. Okay, I tried coconut water and I heard about maple it seems like birch water is trending and the people who tried it are already celebrating this. Since I want to train on drinking more, I thought I should try this as well. Maybe this is my new favorite water?!

There are 3 different water types to choose from: organic birch water straight from the tree, organic birch water with apple & root ginger, and organic birch water with bilberry & lingonberry. I decided to try the water straight from the tree, so that I get a feeling for it without any extra flavors. 
I found the water online and shopped it there as well (our supermarkets don't have it here...). You can get it at Whole Foods, Selfridges or Harrods - maybe they will hit your supermarket soon, too!

When I got my water, I immediately fell in love with the design of the whole "bottle". The water "bottle" looks like a birch tree and on the label you can find all the important infos. It's super handy and it doesn't weight a lot, which is good when you are on the run! What I don't like is the fact that once it is open, you have to drink it, because there is no lid. Maybe it forces you to drink more with this method, but I like to use a lid, since I am always moving and I feel safer when my bottle is safe, too. 

Now let's discuss the most important thing: the FLAVOR. I opened my little birch tree...and I smelled it. I smelled something, but I don't know what it was. To me it smelled like nature with a sour twist. This is exactly how my first sip tasted: it was sour, fresh, and I felt like I knew this flavor. It reminded me of coconut water, which also has a strong "own flavor". Unfortunately, I don't know much about birch trees and their flavor, but somehow this did not convince me! I took more sips, but the sour flavor doesn't invite me to drink more! 
Since I didn't like it pure, I decided to mix it with my smoothie and then I was really happy. You have to know that I am super picky when it comes to water, and maybe this is the perfect water for you - don't trust my words, you better try it yourself, too! 
I will continue testing more water and I will surely share my experience with you. This birch water experience was a good one, but I decided that if I bought it one more time, then I would try it with an extra flavor. 

The testing and tasting continues ~ 
If you are curious now and you want to learn more about this birch water, just click here

But at the end I would also like to discuss with you a little bit. Did you try birch water yet? Do you like testing different waters, too? I can't wait to hear from you! 

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