Mittwoch, April 6

8:21 AM Dear Spring, you confuse me a lot. Today I am sitting on my balcony, enjoying some sunshine and I all I am thinking about is a nice bbq (I'm such a foodie, sorry). Yesterday we enjoyed some heavy rain and I am really confused about mother nature! It feels like Spring, then Fall and then like Winter again - you are never really prepared which bothers me the most. But, we don't want to complain...let's just embrace this...somehow. Here is something which I wanted to share with you!

During Easter, I was out with my family and I had to shoot an outfit of mine with a very special highlight: adidas' newest NMD drop! My sister and I went to the city to check current sneaker releases and I finally got to see the NMD sneaker! Maybe you remember the shoe from my sharing is caring post, where I celebrated the new colorways! This colorway right here is so sexy and to me it is the perfect sneaker to welcome Spring! I kept the whole outfit a bit simple, but I wanted to wear something which matches the sneakers! I love the fact that the sleeves of my shirt are a bit longer then usual - it gives the outfit a little something something. Unfortunately, it was freezing a bit that day, so I had to wear my windbreaker on top of that...I really can't wait to leave my jacket at home. How do you like the sneakers? What's your favorite pair to welcome Spring? Share your stories! 

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