Freitag, April 15

3:11 AM It's Spring and what's the first thing which came into my mind? Sprin cleaning, of course. Okay, Spring isn't really here yet, but I thought I could be cleaning my desk and get my things together! While cleaning up, I found some left over ribbon from Christmas (oops) and my first thought was to recycle it for a diy! Et voilà, after 5 minutes, I made a very cool and cheap highlight for any outfit! 

Is it a 90s revival or just a current trend which all our favorite celebrities support? I mean, chokers look so cool and I am happy that they are kind of back (were they ever gone?). 
Today, there are even more ideas to wear them and they exist in so many different ways! My Christmas ribbon is a simple black ribbon, which has a satin kind of  look and I was really not in the mood to throw that away! You know me, I love keeping things and I had chokers on my to-buy list for so long, so I knew that this might be it already! This is an easy way to recycle things which everyone has at home, but I can tell you that I will definitely invest in a couple of more chokers soon. 

So what do you need for this diy? Look around for some ribbons - any color you want! Check if it's long enough to fit around your neck! I made holes at each end and connected both holes with a black yarn: this is how I close the ribbon. With a loose or tight loop, I can decide if I want my choker to be super tight or a bit loose! This diy is made in about 5 minutes and it looks so great! Any simple outfit will have a special highlight with this accessory, don't you think? 
What do you think about chokers? Is this a trend you like or not? 
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