Samstag, April 16

5:25 AM This April brings a little change with itself. I started my "favorites"category exactly one year ago and I always loved to create cool mood boards for you. Since it is Spring cleaning time, I thought about using more natural layouts for the blog plus not as much color as I used to. You may remember or know my monthly favorites post - it's always super colorful! So from now on I will keep it simple, but I will still share everything I like with you! 

This month's highlight is definitely this chair, don't you think? I am already dreaming about bbq's and hot days outside on my balcony ~ I love being outside! If you want to know more about the products, click on the images below!

Olive + Oak Plain White Tee • Olive + Oak • $58
Stella McCartney checked skirt • Stella McCartney • $717.75
Tory Burch tote with interior pouch • Tory Burch • $347.05
H&M - Felted Floppy Hat - Beige - Ladies • H&M • $24.99
Tennis Classic Ac Faux Leather Sneakers • Nike • $108
Acapulco Chair in Black with Black Frame • $397.99
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