Sonntag, April 10

6:21 AM It's the weekend and all of a sudden, miss sunshine came back to shine for us! Can I call this the official start of Spring? Awesome! Today, I thought I might share a little help for us to appreciate and enjoy Spring to the fullest! Also with the picture above, I want to introduce you to a new category on the blog, which is called #TreatingMyself

The last weeks I was complaining so much about the weather and my wish for some extra sunshine (we all deserve it!). Now that Spring is finally here, I told myself to enjoy this season to the fullest and I will appreciate and celebrate each and every hour of sunshine we get! Are you with me? Okay, let's head to the next problem...how can I experience Spring the best way ever with being so busy? This is always something which bothered me the most and I recently had a talk about that with my sister. She was off for a day and luckily, we had a warm afternoon which we both enjoyed outside. Often we are not that lucky and when the sun is shining, we happen to sit inside somewhere and work or we work on our digital contents. It's like we are witnessing our seasons in a passive way, which is not a lot of fun. So let's see how we can make the most of it right now: 

1. First of all it's important to get rid of winter ballast. Yes, the cold season is over and you better move on to the brighter and happier days! Don't use your energy for things which happened in the past! Get rid of your winter closet, say hi to colors and embrace the fresh air. 
2. The days are finally longer and we wake up to nice blue skies in the morning! There is no need to sleep until 11 - get up early and enjoy the morning's sunshine. This is also great for runners - grab your shoes and start with an early run! You will love it!
3. Try some new things! Are you bored of your same routine every day? This season brings a lot of changes, maybe you should try some new things, too! Here you can be super creative, such as planning interior for your home, or you start simple with trying new recipes or you buy new clothes! It's up to you! Be creative and experiment a little bit!
4. Live in the moment and plan some breaks! I know our jobs keep us busy, but as I mentioned before, it is also important to enjoy certain moments! We cannot overplan our weekly schedule - this is not healthy! If you happen to know that tomorrow will be a nice day, plan ahead and tell yourself you will spend 1 hour outside to enjoy your environment or you catch up with a friend! Maybe you can use one day in a week as an "internet break day", where you only focus on the here and now and you ignore internet land completely. 
5. Be more active! Some people are still living their winter blues and they complain about not being beach ready! Guess what? The time is here now to get ready and fit for Summer! Can you imagine a better way to get fit than running outside where you see new plants and trees bloom and the sun is shining? No more excuses! Treat your body and get active!

And this is how I make sure to enjoy the season the most: I eat myself happy! 
That means I am not going crazy and I eat tons of weird or "bad" things, no, I just want to enjoy the season and the food which comes along with it. I love milkshakes (I drink them during the whole year though), but I love it even more, when the sun is shining and I can lay around somewhere and have my milkshake in my hands. Ice cream, iced coffee, iced tea, and so many great things will make the season so much better! One thing, is still on my mind which I really miss, when I am not in New York: bubble tea

Do you remember when bubble tea became trendy and everyone was going crazy after this funny drink? I had my first bubble tea in NYC of course and it was the best I've had so far! I remember many bubble tea cafés were opening throughout Europe, but somehow they didn't survive, In my current home, there is no place left where I could get my Summer drink, so I have to dream of a bubble tea, fresh from Vivi. 

This was five years ago, when my sister and I ran through a rain storm, just to get that bubble tea! I saw it online and people were writing super positive feedback about this place. I told my sister that there's a Homer Simpson in front of the store, so there's no excuse to not go, haha! After being soaked by the rain, and seeing a Chinese funeral in between, we finally reached Vivi and Homer and I was so nervous to get my first bubble tea. I chose the bubble milk black tea (24oz for $3.95) and I couldn't really focus on my drink, since the whole shop was making me smile so much! It's such a sweet little store and the people were super friendly! The location is not really the best, but it's worth it to go there! My first Vivi exeperience was awesome and I will surely come back soon! Next time I will definitely try the popcorn chicken, too, because I read and heard that the snacks should be even better than the drinks! Let's see - I will tell you as soon as I tried! 


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