Donnerstag, März 17

12:36 AM Hello sunshine, there you are! This feels awesome! I actually love running during the cold months, but after my runs this week, I was super happy to have the sunshine as my companion and little motivation back. Are you still waiting for Summer to be here to go out and have a smooth run? Or do you maybe want to start, but you don't know how? Okay, this is super easy, guys! Today I am back with some sneaker illustrations and I thought it's cool to have a "Sneaker Thursday" again, all dedicated to our lovely running shoes.

There are many people who underestimate the importance of the shoe when it comes to running! I still remember when I started - I didn't have a proper pair and I didn't know how often I will run, so I just used my Air Max. After each run, my feet were hurting and during my run I was suffering a bit as well. My sister gave me her shoes afterwards and I tested hers for a couple of kilometers and this was a much better feeling. I decided to invest in my own pair and get something which is good for me and my feet. During Winter sale I was lucky to get my shoe for a super sexy price and I fell in love with it right away.

When I travelled to the US, people at the airport were really impressed by the color and so many people ask me for this shoe! I started with the Nike Free 5.0 which you can get for 120€ (special colors like mine are always cheaper...I got mine for 64€) Not only the comfort of this shoe is beyond amazing, but also the quality is so damn good! I ran through mud, rain or sandy hills and my shoes still shine like day one! You can clean or wash them easily - no worries! What I like the most about this shoe is the comfort during running! When I tried them on first, I was super impressed! The shoes are soft and very flexible which you can feel during running! It's like you are running on clouds or even barefoot. Your feet can breathe and move as much as they can and the flexibility makes you even be a better runner! I also did my first 10k race with those shoes and I have to admit that the only thing which wasn't hurting afterwards were my feet! This investment was life changing! 

This year I waited again until sale and since I couldn't decided what second running shoe I should get, I decided to invest in another Nike Free 5.0. I was actually gathering inspiration for a post, when I saw that the Free 5.0 are on super sale and when I saw the price, I just had to invest. This time I bought them in black, so that I can wear different outfits again, because orange doesn't allow me to wear everything! I was really lucky, because the black version of the Free 5.0 is always expensive, but I only paid 43€!! I keep saying out! Sale season has always something nice for everyone! 

But now let's move on! 
Do you have struggles finding the perfect running shoe for you? It's actually super easy!
1. If you know that you don't have a big budget, check out the prices first! What is your limit and how much would you like to invest! 
2. Do you have a favorite label? Some people tend to stick to one and the same label, because they have made great experiences with them. I do that sometimes as well, because I know about the quality, the comfort and especially the sizes!
3. Check out the websites! Each label always presents current releases or their current selection at the beginning of the website. 
4. Click through their gallery - watch videos if they offer videos or reports on their shoes. 
5. Think of the purpose! Do you need a running shoe? A tennis shoe? Or something for the mountains? Remember that there are special designs and technologies for each sport! 
6. I know the selection is huge, but also make sure to check if there is a pair, which is on sale! Maybe you don't know if you should invest all your money into one shoe, when there's another one for less. It's all about studying the shoe! You will get to know all about it soon! And in the future you can invest more money into shoes which will be good for you! 
7. If you are still not sure, check out Instagram, or blogs. There are so many runners who share their equipment and sneakers! What do they wear?
8. Or let's keep it super simple: go to a sports shop in your city and ask the staff there. My tip: do a running analysis, where you can see if you have problems with your feet, because then they can tell you exactly which shoe is good and which one is a taboo for you. With staff around you, you can get the best service plus you get a personal feeling for the shoe and you can test any shoe you like!

In the picture above I sketched two shoes which I would recommend for this year's running kick-off. The "Nike Free 3.0 Flyknit" and the adidas "Pure Boost X" are not only super sexy, but also a very promising running shoe! Great design, great comfort and the perfect shoe to challenge yourself to get better on and off the court! The prices are also pretty okay (the Nike one is right now on sale!!) 
So what are you waiting for?

Tell me about your running shoe or workout shoe in general. What are your feet wearing this season?
Let's discuss! ~ 
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