Samstag, März 26

10:24 AM The Easter weekend is here and we can finally enjoy some hours being off with some rain and sunshine (mother nature is undecided). Yesterday, I started to realize how long this weekend will be, since Good Friday is also a holiday in Germany. This means everything is closed and peole stay at home... There was nothing special on TV and I am honest...I am not into all those Jesus documentaries and religious stuff. I know there are many people, who bore themselves, or maybe you want some new inspiration during the holidays - just like me.

You know I got you! I will provide you with some art this weekend. Today I want to feature Christoph Niemann for the Off Colot Art Club. I believe I saw some of his illustrations on Pinterest first which made me really curious to find out more about him. I love the fact that I don't have to look for the craziest people from far away, since Niemann is a fellow German citizen. We have so many great talents here and people should recognize more artists from Germany! Niemann is a creator who works between Berlin and New York and his city illustrations (above) just make me happy plus homesick. I want to pack my bags now and start travelling. If you want to check out his whole portfolio, make sure to follow this link
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