Samstag, März 26

10:54 AM If you follow me on Twitter, you might have read that I am working on a new mix for you. I feel so bad that I only release things like every 6 months and I actually wanted to invest more time into that, but you know the struggle - the days are too short. Also, I am always trying to make different mixes and I want to deliver you something good! During my #4timesspring challenge, I had a hardcore week of running training (yes, I'm finally back) and during my runs I felt the need for a new mix.

Since I was doing a mixture of high intensity and a smooth jog, I definitely wanted some slow songs and something a bit more uptempo like. This is the result and I hope you like it as much as I do! Now let's grab the running shoes and keep moving! If you happen to listen to this mix while you are running, please share your experiences and vibes! I love to vibe with you all out there ~ K

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