Mittwoch, März 23

7:46 AM Today I want to share some black and white impressions of a shooting which I did almost two years ago. Everytime I look back at my old photoshoots, I am impressed how fast time goes by. Two or three years ago, I was always on the run and I hopped from shoot to shoot. I came around and I met great people...it feels like it was yesterday. I can't believe that this shoot was in 2014, but I remember it so well! This was my first shooting during a thunderstorm and as you know me and my work, I love shooting outside - so what are we going to do now?

Since we didn't want to go inside, we decided to stay outside and hide under anything which helps us to stay dry and "warm". It was freaking cold and it was so hard to keep my camera dry. Mici, my model, was very brave and I respect her a lot for running through the rain with me. The shoot was done super quickly and some images really turned out great! Enjoy the pictures! ~

This shooting was used for the Off Color magazine issue #5 called "The Visual". Curious? Check out the issue which only features pictures and visual vibes right here.

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