Sonntag, März 6

11:47 PM This Winter, I have to admit that my skin is super sensitive. I don't know why and I am actually not in the mood to check out new facial creams for my face. I have been using the same facial treatment for years now and I never had a problem during Winter. Sometimes I use extra scrubs or peelings to treat my skin, but that's it.

I was running a lot the last weeks, so I noticed after showering that my skin asks for more lotion and I need to apply it more than three times a day, which annoys me a lot. My sister is a Kiehl's fan and she told me to try their "Ultra Facial Cream", since almost everyone is using it, too.

The package says that it will keep you moist and it helps you during extreme climate. Oh, that sounds perfect! I also read a lot of comments where people were going crazy: everyone is in love with it and I couldn't find people saying that their skin reacted or such. Well, I gave it a try.

The cream is very silky and "thin", which I like because it makes it easier to apply. The smell is a bit weird in the smells like a typical cosmetic product, but you will get used to it. So how was my experience? I guess I have to use it a little bit longer to see if it helps my skin or not. Fact is. my skin is liking this product and I love that the cream creates "a second skin on my skin". During Summer I would hate that, but right now, when the wind is all in my face, I like to feel protected and moist. My forehead and nose are especially moist which makes me happy! Since my sampler is a little one, I can also take it with me when I am outside running and I notice that I need extra care. So all in all I would say that Kiehl's "Ultra Facial Cream" is a great helper and beauty basic everyone can use.

Tell me about your skin and your treatment! I am really interested in your experiences and what kind of products you use! Especially to all the active do you treat your skin during the cold season? 
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