Freitag, März 4

3:08 AM How's your workout routine going? Are you still suffering from your Winter blues or do you welcome Spring already? Those early months are a very special one for me, because I tend to stock up my fitness gear or I check if I find a nice running shoe on sale. Trust me, you will find great offers right now and you will be so happy to save a lot of money.

Check your closet...what do you need? 
New shirts, tights, or do you want to get new equipment to try out different workouts? Also newcomers can go crazy now. Think about what you want to do! Do you want to start running, doing yoga, or do you just want to hit the gym? My tip: start with the don't need too much stuff! Get yourself a cool outfit which is super comfy plus it should also make you feel good! I love wearing my workout clothes, because I feel super awesome in them which makes working out a lot easier! Get the right shoes, a nice water bottle (keep yourself hydrated!!), and some accessories like head bands or my favorite: socks! 
If you don't know about equipment, go to a sports store and talk to the staff. They should show you diverse things so you can get a personal feeling for diverse equipment. If you ask me, my first workout equipment looked like this: clothes, sneakers, dumb bells, a yoga mat and a rope. I never used my rope and I gave it to my sister, because I thought she might use it more. However, when I started my challenges and I began practicing kickboxing, I was happy to finally use my rope again and now I am so happy that I bought it back then! This is why I like this Nike set, which I used in this picture. It's a starter kit for everyone out there - beginners and workout junkies. Here you have equipment which you can use for so many different things and workouts! 

The only thing I want to invest in this year is a nice gym bag and a water bottle. I usually take any kind of bag and then I just throw my stuff in...This can be super annoying sometimes, because it's too chaotic and I can't really take care of my stuff like that. So until today, I am still looking for the perfect bag! Any recommidations? Feel free to share!
My second little tip for you is the water bottle. I just said it, I still need one special water bottle and I believe there are many people out there who wonder why I need a special bottle. Well, most of my workouts are outside - because I run. Having a plastic bottle isn't really helping me during my run, because I can't put it somewhere and holding it is also uncomfortable. If you press the bottle too hard, then you change its form and shape and you can't hold it straight - do you know what I mean? That's why I fell in love with Reebok's solution. A bottle for runners where you can easily put your hands through and you can run with it without worries or discomfort. 

How do you feel now? Motivated to invest in your own equipment? Share your story and let's discuss about your favorite pieces! If you have any questions about my equipment, just ask - I will share anything! 

Now let's sweat together!

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