Donnerstag, Februar 18

2:14 AM The only thing I like about the cold Winter days is the cool layering style you can create. So many people are annoyed to create thousands of layers and look stupid at the same time, but to be honest, there is only one thing you should know and that is: how do I layer right? If you believe that layering looks silly, then you are doing something wrong! I believe layering gives you so much creative freedom and you can create the coolest looks ever, which isn't possible during the hot days, right?

Layering doesn't mean that you should wear two T-shirts and a long sleeve on creative. Wear a skirt above your jeans, or wear your favorite sweater with a chic blouse. Check your closet, you will definitely find something of which you thought it wouldn't match at all. Today we are having sunshine again and I can't believe that we finally get some light back! It looks wonderful! When it was dark and cloudy, I took an indoor shoot with zero light, but I wanted to share one of my newest favorite layering outfits! I wanted to feel comfortable, but I wanted to spice it up as well. So I decided to wear my Nike sweatpants with my Winter maxi dress. Yes, sounds super weird, but it was the best idea ever! My maxi dress has an open part and I decided to wear the dress like a sweater so you can be able to see the open part with a little bit of skin. The dress has a hoodie on, so whenever it rains or snows, I will be totally fine! You can also wear something beneath your sweatpants, in case you feel super cold, but I have to say that I felt super warm and super comfy in this outfit! When people believe that this outfit is "too comfy", you just turn to the side and show the special voilà, layering can be fun, too! Try it!

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