Sonntag, Februar 14

10:24 AM Ewww, not that day again! Some people hate this day, some people love it! I already explained my thoughts about lovers day and I guess those thoughts won't change. Remember, it's just a normal day...and if you don't have someone to be cheesy with today, be cheesy with yourself! Treat yourself and give love to other things which excite you. I planned a hardcore workout day, since today is the last day of my #14sweatstovalentine challenge and I promise you I will write a review about it soon! I am pretty happy with the results after this short time of kickboxing and in case I meet Amor today, he will be happy as well!

Now after my sweat session, I will relax a little bit more and I will enjoy some tunes! A few years ago, I did this mix here for Valentine's Day for all the lovers and lovebirds and I thought it's time again to talk about music. Unfortunately, I couldn't mix a new romantic mix, since I am working on a running mix which I will release soon! But I created a little playlist with songs which make you celebrate this day full of love, or you just listen to breakup songs and "I hate everyone who is in love" songs. It's up to you! Are you team pro lovers day or con? What's your favorite Valentine tune? 
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