Montag, Februar 22

1:11 PM What do you do when there is not chance to shoot outside? You have to figure out how to create a wonderful shoot at home. No problem...The last weeks were a tiny struggle when I tried to figure out how to get dressed when the outside world is grey, wet, and cold! I don't mind layering (I showed you this a couple of days ago), but I also want to dress up some days! I stood in front of my closet and I couldn't decide what to wear! Sometimes I'm a cry baby and I need to wear thousands of layers, because I'm complaining too much about the cold.

But then again I feel like I should forget layers and dress up a bit...just because. After a couple of minutes my brain gave me weird vibes and I was dreaming of leaving in my favorite workout gear. I decided to combine all of my ideas into one outfit! The result is that you can include your favorite workout pieces into any kind of outfit. I grabbed my adidas Originals shorts and decided to wear them with a turtle neck shirt - I couldn't resist a little layering plus my favorite coat made the outfit perfect! How do you like this interpretation of sports wear? I wish you all a beautiful Monday! ~ (Soon you will get better pictures...I am sorry for the lack of high quality stuff!) 
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